Elder Care Key Biscayne, FL: 4 Foot Problems That Could Be Affecting Your Parent 

Your older family member has spent a lifetime on their feet. They may have worked a job that required a great deal of standing and walking or led an active life of raising children. All that activity takes a toll on their feet. As a result, foot problems and pain are common in seniors. Knowing about some of the problems that can develop in the feet of seniors can help you to identify them in your aging relative. Below are 4 common foot problems that occur in older feet.

#1: Bunions 

Bunions, which doctors call “hallux valgus,” occur when the foot develops a bump at the joint of the big toe. It can make the toe itself turn inward. Bunions can be caused by shoes that are tight in the toes, which means that women get them more often than men because of the kinds of shoes they wear. Symptoms of bunions include: 

  • A bump on the side of the foot by the big toe. 
  • Tenderness in the big toe or around it. 
  • A callus or corn on the skin under the big toe. 
  • Difficulty moving the big toe. 
  • Pain in the big toe while walking. 

#2: Osteoarthritis 

Osteoarthritis is the most frequently experienced kind of arthritis. It happens because of wear and tear on the joints, causing damage, inflammation, and pain. It can affect any joint in the body, including the joints in the feet. Osteoarthritis is most common in people over the age of 65. 

#3: Diabetic Neuropathy 

Diabetic neuropathy occurs in people with diabetes. It happens because of damage to the nerves caused by high blood sugar. It most often affects the feet, which is why older adults with diabetes require additional foot care. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include: 

  • Pain. 
  • Tingling. 
  • Numbness. 

#4: Bone Spurs 

Bone spurs occur when a calcium deposit grows on a bone in the foot. They often happen on the heel and are called heel spurs. Sometimes bone spurs don’t cause any pain. However, they can be very painful. They are caused by strain on muscles and ligaments over time. Other common causes of bone spurs are arthritis and excess weight.  

Regardless of the kind of foot problem that affects your older family member, an elder care provider can help them with the condition. An elder care provider can offer daily foot inspection and washing for seniors with diabetes. They can also apply a hot or cold pack to relieve the pain of arthritis, bone spurs, or bunions. In addition, an elder care provider can help the older adult walk when their feet hurt to ensure they do not fall. 

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