4 Fun Hobbies For Seniors to Try

Personal Care at Home in Miami, FL: Fun Hobbies for Seniors
Personal Care at Home in Miami, FL: Fun Hobbies for Seniors

January is National Hobby Month and it’s also the start of a new year. That makes January the perfect time for seniors to try out some new hobbies and activities to find new ways to stay active and engaged in the coming year. Hobbies give seniors a sense of purpose. They also provide social connections and help seniors fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. If your senior loved ones are looking for some new activities and hobbies to try this year make sure they know about these popular senior hobbies: 

Playing An Instrument 

It’s never too late to learn an instrument. And playing music has some serious cognitive benefits for seniors. Playing an instrument can help seniors boost their brain health and even lower their risk of developing dementia. If your senior loved one always wanted to learn how to play piano, or the guitar, or the cello but they never had the time before you should encourage them to take lessons and learn how to play that instrument now. A personal care at home provider can help them practice and get to lessons if necessary when you can’t be there.  

Volunteering At A Pet Shelter 

Another great hobby for seniors is volunteering at a pet shelter. This is a perfect hobby for seniors who would love to have a pet but can’t have a pet at home either because their health issues make it a bad idea or because they worry about not being able to take care of the pet even if they had help from a personal care at home provider. When your senior loved one volunteers at a pet shelter they can get all the benefits of having a pet without the expense and responsibility. They can walk dogs for daily exercise and pet cats to lower stress. Best of all they will have a sense of purpose helping these innocent animals find loving homes and stay healthy and happy until they are adopted.  


Gaming might sound like a surprising hobby for seniors but a full 7% of all the gamers that seriously play video games are seniors. There are games that are designed for seniors but many seniors like to play video games that allow them to build worlds and participate in quests at their own pace like MMORPG games. Gaming gives seniors socialization, engagement, and helps them use their cognitive and other skills all in one place. So it’s really not a big surprise that seniors are among the fastest growing group of people who are embracing video games. 

Mentoring Young People  

Seniors have a lot of guidance and experience to offer, and there are a lot of young adults and teenagers who need that guidance. Kids who haven’t had the benefit of a steady parental figure in their lives can really benefit from the lessons that they learn from a senior mentor. Mentoring gives seniors a strong sense of purpose and the opportunity to make real changes in the world while they are also having fun.  

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