4 Things Seniors Can Do Today To Feel Less Anxious

Companion Care at Home Bal Harbor, FL: Seniors and Anxiety
Companion Care at Home Bal Harbor, FL: Seniors and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are concerns for many seniors and their families. Approximately 1 in 4 seniors struggles with anxiety or depression or both. For seniors that are aging in place anxiety can be so severe that it can cause physical symptoms and make existing health conditions even more difficult to deal with. There are medications that may help seniors be less anxious, but there are behavioral and lifestyle choices that can also help seniors who are suffering from anxiety.

When seniors are experiencing a full blown panic attack they need professional or medical help to calm down. But when seniors are having anxiety that isn’t the same intensity as a panic attack they can use these tips to feel less anxious:

Deep Breathing

Deep meditative breathing can help calm the mind and body. If your senior loved one feels like their panic or anxiety is getting very severe they can try meditative breathing to calm down. Meditative breathing is focused on getting rich oxygen into the body and breathing out all that stress and anxiety. Ten deep breaths is all it takes to start the process of de escalating all that anxiety and tension.

Companion Care At Home

Having companion care at home is a great way for seniors to feel less anxious. Having a person there all day to talk with, grieve with, and keep their minds occupied will help seniors through the grief process without overwhelming them. Seniors can get help with things like managing their fears, talking through things that are upsetting them, and household tasks. But more importantly companion care at home will ensure that seniors are never left alone when they’re feeling anxious. A companion caregiver can help seniors do their meditative breathing, make them feel safe, and provide the support that seniors. 

Go For A Walk

Seniors who are feeling anxious should go for a walk. A quick walk around the block is just fine. Just the act of getting out and doing some kind of physical movement will help calm anxiety. Being outdoors in the fresh air and looking around at nature can also help calm anxiety. But really the activity and the benefits of the activity are secondary to the benefit walking provides when your senior parent is feeling the walls close in on them. There is just something about the movement of walking that can change people’s perceptions and moods very quickly. 

Make A List

Just like walking, making a list is something active. Sitting around being passive and doing nothing is going to make anxiety worse. But making a list is doing something active that will force seniors who are feeling anxious to focus on the concrete steps they can take to make themselves feel less anxious all the time. It doesn’t matter what the list is. Just making tit will make a big difference in how your senior loved one feels. 

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