4 Things That Will Make Holiday Dinners Senior Friendly

Senior Home Care Aventura, FL: Holiday Dinners
Senior Home Care Aventura, FL: Holiday Dinners

If you’re having senior relatives over for Thanksgiving or any holiday meals with a little bit of planning you can make sure that they have the best possible meal experience. Often seniors don’t want to be a bother and they may be embarrassed to tell you if they have special needs. But If you’re having a senior parent or senior relatives over for holiday get together or dinners you should do and have these things to make the event easier for them:

Get Senior Friendly Utensils And Cups

In case your senior parent or relatives have trouble gripping a regular size knife and fork or if they have weakness in their limbs and can’t life a regular knife and fork you should have senior friendly utensils for them to use. They’re not expensive and they’re easy to get. That way your senior parent can keep their dignity and not have to ask for help eating. You should also get some senior friendly cups that have sturdy handles that are easy to grip. 

If your senior loved one has these things at home you can ask their senior home care provider to bring them over when your senior loved one comes to the event. Or ask your parent’s senior home care provider to put them in a bag for you to pick up before the dinner. Just don’t forget to get them back to the senior home care provider so they can put them back. 

Place Chairs In Strategic Spots

When you’re arranging furniture make sure that your senior loved one has plenty of space at the table in case they need space to get up easily. Also make sure that you put comfortable chairs in strategic spots where your senior parent may want to sit. A char in the hallway is a good idea in case they need to take a break when they’re walking to the bathroom. And a chair near the main gathering spots like the kitchen and living room will give your senior parent the opportunity to sit near everyone and join the party. 

Get Personal Hygiene Supplies

Buy some of the briefs that your senior loved one uses and stash them in the powder room along with some personal wipes, hand sanitizer, lotions, and any other products that your senior loved one might appreciate having access to. That way if they need something it’s there and they won’t have to ask for be embarrassed and go without something they need. 

Install Handrails In The Powder Room

Grab bars or handrails are easy to install. They can be just screwed into the wall near the toilet. You can remove them after the holidays if you want. But having them there can be a real help to seniors who are a little unsteady on their feet and are using unfamiliar facilities. If the bars are there for your senior parent to use they won’t need to ask for help and be embarrassed at the family party.

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