Personal Care at Home Pinecrest, FL: Diabetic Desserts
Personal Care at Home Pinecrest, FL: Diabetic Desserts

Everyone loved desserts, but seniors with diabetes can’t have all desserts. It’s hard to deprive yourself completely of sweets and other good stuff. Luckily, there are now many options for diabetics. Personal care at home assistants will be able to collect recipes for the seniors they take care of. It can be hard to watch someone’s diet, but there are a lot of recipe books out there that can help a senior eat healthily, watch their blood sugar, and still get a small number of sweets once in a while.  

Desserts can be part of a healthy regimen, and not all are incredibly bad for you. There are a few recipes that diabetics can eat that will help curve that sweet craving. Each has limited sugar and can be made to fit into a healthy meal.  

Dealing with diabetes as an older senior can be challenging, especially if they struggle with other diseases like dementia, where they may not remember things. It will be important for personal care at home assistant to be aware of the diet to help a senior stick with it. Try out these recipes for a sweet something with less sugar.  

5 Desserts For Diabetes  

There are some effortless recipes that a personal care at home assistant can make. They are few ingredients, healthy, and can be incorporated into a senior’s diet easily. Next time you or the personal care assistant is at the store, pick up stuff for these fun diabetic-friendly desserts.  

Berry Bites 

There are so many ways you can make berries into tasty treats. One of the best ways to ensure this is a yummy treat is by covering them in low-carb yogurt and freezing them. This makes easy small bites to eat. Unlike other treats that are hard to portion out, a personal care assistant can help portion these out for a few desserts each week. This makes it a go-to treat for many seniors who are diabetics.  

Chia Pudding 

There are tons of ways to make chia seeds taste delicious. On top of being scrumptious, they are healthy to consume. A favorite among seniors is coconut lime raspberry chia seed pudding. However, this takes a while to make because the chia seeds need to sit in the coconut milk with the other ingredients. Make this overnight for the next day or first thing in the morning to eat after dinner.  

Fruit Salad 

One of the easiest recipes is making a small fruit salad or a big one. A personal care at home assistant can make a large batch and then portion a small amount out for a few days of the week. There are so many ways to make a fruit salad and they can let a senior pick out their favorite combinations of fruits.  

Blackberry and Grapefruit  

A sweet and tart dessert includes a pickled blackberry and grapefruit salad. This is the perfect combination of sweet and sour that has seniors raging over it. Keep in mind the brining for the blackberries takes four hours but the rest only takes 15 minutes.  


Some of the best desserts are the most simple and personal care at home assistants can easily help make a senior smoothies. They can change up the taste and what goes into the smoothie too. This is a really good way to create sweet but vegetable dense desserts. Try out a blueberry and kale smoothie.  

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