Elderly Care South Miami, FL: 5 Ways Elderly Care Can Help Seniors Eat Better

Many older adults don’t eat well as they age. There are several things that can affect how seniors eat. Age related changes can cause them to have little appetite. Or, they may find eating alone lonely. Some seniors simply lack the skill to cook for themselves, so they eat whatever is easiest. In addition, cognitive impairment can cause some older adults to forget to eat. If you’re concerned about whether your aging relative is eating the way they should, hiring elderly care can be a good way to ensure they eat well. Below are 5 ways elderly care providers can help older adults to eat better.

#1: Cooking Healthy, Balanced Meals

Older adults who lack the skill to cook or who have disabilities that make cooking difficult may eat convenient processed foods that can be heated up in the microwave. While these may be okay once in a while, eating a steady diet of highly processed foods can lead to health problems or make existing problems worse. Processed foods contain a lot of salt, fat, and sugar. An elderly care provider can cook meals using fresh ingredients that provide plenty of nutrients without unwanted ingredients.

#2: Help with Eating

Certain medical conditions, like Parkinson’s disease, can make it hard for older adults to eat. They may have difficulty gripping a fork or getting the food to their mouths. An elderly care provider can help the senior to eat, ensuring they get enough calories each day.

#3: Companionship

Eating alone can remind older adults of happier days when they shared meals with a spouse and children. That can make eating without any company a lonely affair that they would rather avoid. An elderly care provider can sit with the older adult while they eat, so they have someone to talk to and enjoy their meal with, which could make them look forward to mealtimes instead of dreading them.

#4: Assistance Cooking

Some older adults have always enjoyed cooking, but have trouble cooking alone now. The thought that they lack the abilities they once had can make them avoid cooking at all and may even make them not want to eat. An elderly care provider can act as an assistant in the kitchen, doing the parts that the senior cannot. For example, the elderly care provider could lift heavy pots, stir stiff batters, and chop ingredients.

#5: Transportation to the Grocery Store

If your older family member cannot drive, they may have difficulty doing their grocery shopping. This could lead to them walking to the closest convenience store and buying pre-made foods that aren’t very healthy. Elderly care can drive the senior to the store to buy healthy ingredients to make meals with.

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