A Senior with Incontinence Could Be Embarrassed, but Proper Care Solves Many Issues

Senior Care Coral Gables, FL: Seniors and Incontinence
Senior Care Coral Gables, FL: Seniors and Incontinence

Fred never thought he would end up in this situation in life. He was 82, widowed, living alone, but until recently, had been taking care of himself quite well for the most part. Then he suffered a major medical emergency. It landed him in the hospital for several weeks. By the time he was discharged and sent home, he lost a tremendous amount of strength, balance, and agility. 

He also lost the ability to maintain his bladder. That was an incredibly embarrassing situation and one he wasn’t willing to talk about with his adult children or anyone else in the family. 

What this senior needed with proper care. What he received was support from his immediate family. His two adult children, one grandchild, and a couple of other extended family members who still lived in the area. 

Fred never talked about his incontinence issues. 

It was too embarrassing. Yes, he knew that these things could happen, especially to somebody his age who had just gone through a traumatic experience. Still, that didn’t change the situation. 

He was still embarrassed. 

So he kept things to himself and did the best he could. While his family would bring groceries, take him to a doctor’s appointment, and help them keep up with the housework, he kept them at bay when it came to his incontinence. 

His personal hygiene began to decline. 

It seemed as though each day was getting tougher and tougher to ‘hold it.’ He just couldn’t feel the pressure that was all too familiar to somebody who has to use thebathroom. 

By the time he realized something needed to happen, he had another accident to clean up. That meant he had to struggle out of his clothes, take a shower, stuff them in the washer, but the washer and dryer was in the basement. 

He considered adult undergarments, but unless he got a ride to the grocery store, he wouldn’t be able to do it in privacy. 

Senior care would have been the better option. 

In this type of situation, Fred would have benefited from an experienced senior care provider. While it shouldn’t be embarrassing, what we assume or would like doesn’t always pan out. 

With an experienced, professional, dedicated senior care provider, Fred would’ve likely been more comfortable expressing these struggles. He wouldn’t have had to look at his adult daughter and talk about the accident he had in the living room. 

The senior care provider would have given Fred a buffer. And that’s why it is such a good idea to discuss all senior care options with aging loved ones, regardless of how much we know about their current situation and struggles. Sometimes, you just don’t see the private struggle, no matter how close you are to that person. 

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