A Wonderful Letter From a Great Client
thank you in calligraphy

Dear Ms Umana:

I want to express my personal appreciation to you and Mr Ramon Stigler for the superb, knowledgeable, and versatile homecare I received through your company under the auspices of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I received hip-replacement surgery on May 23, 2019 at the VA Miami Healthcare Medical Center. Mr Stigler inspired and motivated me to do my best and as a result I am ready for the next step of out-patient rehabilitation at the medical center next week.

Because the surgery occurred just before a federal holiday, rehabilitation at the medical center was delayed several days. I believe that Mr Stigler’s expertise enabled me to catch up and surpass what would have been expected now. Mr Ramon was reassuring to me that the surgery wound was healing a pace, and I believe he enhanced the internal healing through kneading and massage at which he is an expert. He is clearly capable of performing and delivering homecare services beyond the norm provided by other therapists.

Today is Mr Stigler’s last day of homecare for me, with a bit of sadness to see him go, but we intend to keep in touch as friends. You have a wonderful, personable, and extremely well-qualified employee in Mr Stigler.

Thank you, Madam.