Senior Home Care Doral, FL: Seniors and Baths
Senior Home Care Doral, FL: Seniors and Baths

A senior may find that taking baths over showers provides some extra health benefits. However, not everyone can get in and out of the bathtub easily. Senior home care providers can help with this. That means a senior can reap all of the advantages of a nice hot bath without having to worry about getting in or out of the tub.  

Senior home care providers can help a senior live independently from a nursing home or family. Some of them may help seniors bathe, dress, and even go to the bathroom. Senior home care providers will also create care plans that will include how to take care of the senior best. One thing they can encourage is healthy living.   

The best thing about this is senior home care providers can research and recommend what type of baths the seniors may benefit from. There are milk baths, oatmeal baths, and more types that a senior may want to try. If there are any skin conditions, the senior home care assistant should always ask the seniors doctor before encouraging a bath.  

Benefits of Hot Baths for Seniors 

Taking a bubble bath can lower someone’s blood pressure, improve circulation, and encourage a stress-free time. Also, keep in mind that some seniors may not be able to stand for long periods of time, and using a sit-down bathtub can help them get clean and enjoy it. It may be easier on their body to take a bath rather than a shower.   

Taking a hot bath can be a good way to reduce inflammation, soothe aching muscles, and improve skin health. Baths are often overlooked in the senior community, but they can have some amazing health benefits.  

Types of Baths for Seniors 

Keep in mind that there are many solutions that can be added to the water for different effects. There are so many different kinds of baths a senior can take a senior home care assistant can help them explore which ones they like best. Here are some options to try out.  

Milk Baths 

Milk can help nourish and moisturize the skin because the fats cling to the body. Milk contains lactic acid and can be good to reduce accumulated skin. It is a gentle way to help exfoliate a senior’s skin. A senior home care provider can turn on a bath and add in two cups of powdered milk with some essential oil the senior likes.  

Oat Baths 

Oatmeal is not only great to eat but wonderful for dry and itchy skin. It is one of the most soothing baths a senior can take and may even help with eczema. It may even help with reducing inflammation, moisturizing, and cleansing. Add in one cup of oatmeal in lukewarm water and let the senior soak for 15 minutes. Make sure they gently pat dry after and use body lotion to help lock in the added moisture.  

Baking Soda Bath 

Baking soda has natural antibacterial properties and can be used as a natural antiseptic. The easiest way to use this is by adding two cups of baking soda into nice warm water and thoroughly mixing it through. A senior home care provider should ensure that the senior stays in the solution for around 45 minutes and uses body lotion after.

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