Elderly Care Sunny Isles, FL: Butterfly Model for Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s isn’t easy. Even if you think you’re prepared, you’ll face challenges you never expected. The agitation, anger, confusion, and sundowning frustrate your parent just as much as they frustrate you.

The Butterfly Model is one that is proven helpful in caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. Here’s what you should know about it.

The Butterfly Model of Care is Centered on the Individual

The Butterfly Model of Care is all about doing things the individual wants and enjoys. It’s focusing the care on the person and the person’s interests rather than a list. You enter your parent’s world rather than try to make them fit into yours.

For example, your mom is having a rough day and wants to go for a drive to the lake. You have a list of tasks you want to get done. Your mom’s emotional needs come first. Take her for a drive and let her tell stories along the way. If she wants to stop, you stop.

When you’re having breakfast with your mom, go back into her childhood or early adult years and make a favorite. Serve that meal family style with her picking and choosing what she wants to eat. As you eat, talk about the memories the foods evoke.

She might tell you about the morning her sister spilled orange juice all over the family cat. Listen to these details and really delve into that moment with how it smelled, the noises the cat made, the pain of trying to bathe the cat after. Make sure you’re focused on her story and all of the details that go with it.

When you’re caring for a parent and using the Butterfly Model of Care, you’ll want to be part of your mom or dad’s experience and not the carer. Make the home feel warm and welcoming by avoiding boring colors. Choose happy colors your parent loves like lemon yellow or sky blue. If your dad wants to stay up late and watch old westerns, let him. Follow the schedule he creates rather than a list you’ve created.

Take Breaks as a Family Caregiver

Use the Butterfly Model to help care for your mom or dad. Make sure you pair this form of care with breaks. You can’t be the only caregiver helping your parent out 24/7. You’ll burn yourself out if you try. Elderly care aides help by covering for you while you take time off.

Talk to an elderly care agency about respite care services. With time spent alone or with friends, you’ll return to your parent refreshed and energized. Compile a list of areas where your parent needs help and make the call.

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