Did You Know That Senior Home Care Boosts Independence?

Senior Home Care Miami Beach, FL: Home Care and Independence
Senior Home Care Miami Beach, FL: Home Care and Independence

Your dad wants to live at home, and he should be able to do just that. Use senior home care to ensure he has the help he needs to remain fully independent in his home. Explore the different ways caregivers help him.


Your dad keeps up with his healthcare needs, but he struggles when it comes to making a call. It could be that he’s hard of hearing, and that makes it tough to hear the person on the other end of the line. When he can, he prefers to schedule appointments online, but it’s not always possible.

He can have a caregiver available to schedule appointments and keep him informed of upcoming sessions, check-ups, scans, or lab work. His caregiver can help him reschedule appointments as needed, too.

Mobility and Ambulation Assistance

Your dad’s mobility is worsening as the years go by. It’s especially bad when arthritis pain from gout, RA, or other types flares up. He struggles with stairs or when standing up after sitting or lying down. 

He can have a home care aide there to help support him as he moves around his home. If he’s been sitting down and has a hard time standing up and gaining his balance, a caregiver is there to support him. His caregiver can help him in and out of a car, while walking around outside, or while climbing the stairs.

Housekeeping and Laundry

As muscle strength and mobility change, your dad may find it difficult to complete some housekeeping chores. Walking down a flight of stairs to a basement laundry room is one thing he may find hard to do. Have a home care aide available to wash his bedding, towels, and clothes, move things to the dryer, and put everything away when it’s done.

Caregivers can vacuum carpets, sweep hardwood or tile flooring, and shake out entry rugs. Keeping counters and faucet handles sterilized is important, and that’s another chore caregivers complete. They can dust, wash dishes, and change sheets.

Medication Reminders

Your dad has medications his doctor prescribed, but he frequently forgets to take them. With medication reminders, your dad has a caregiver there to remind him what he needs to take. If he needs to take a pill with a meal, his caregiver will have a meal ready. 


Your dad cannot drive due to slowed reaction times, less flexibility, or diminishing vision. This doesn’t mean he has to stop going out. His caregiver can drive him around town. He’ll have a caregiver with him when shopping, picking up prescriptions, or going to appointments.

Senior home care aides help your dad with the things he cannot do without a helping hand. It helps him maintain his independence. A home care specialist can answer your questions and help you make the arrangements.

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