Discover the Things Elder Care Aides Can and Can’t Do

Elder Care Miami, FL: Elder Care Aides
Elder Care Miami, FL: Elder Care Aides

Have you looked at elder care services for your mom? As you get started, you probably have many questions. At the top of your list is understanding what caregivers can and can’t do to help her.

Her Caregivers Offer Companionship

Your mom’s caregivers offer companionship services. She has caregivers available to join her for daily walks, take her out to lunch or a local museum for a fun day out, or help her in the garden. If it’s rainy and your mom wants to stay inside, her caregiver can put on a movie, make popcorn, and watch it with her.

Does your mom hate eating dinner alone? Her caregiver can cook dinner and join your mom for the meal. When she’s done, the caregiver washes dishes, cleans the counters and stove top, and puts things away.

Elder Care Aides Clean the Home for Your Mom

An elder care aide can clean your mom’s home. The caregiver can vacuum carpets, wipe down counters and faucet handles, and wash dishes. Your mom’s caregiver can do the laundry, dust, and tidy up clutter.

The caregiver is not there to wash your clothes or do the dishes for you when you stop by to join your mom for dinner. Remember that this is your mom’s caregiver, not yours. If you visit and eat dinner with your mom, do your dishes after. Don’t leave the kitchen dirty and expect it to be taken care of for you.

Caregivers Cannot Help With Medical Tasks

Your mom has a colostomy bag. The caregiver is not trained in colostomy care and shouldn’t be expected to help your mom change it. If you need this level of care for your mom, you need to ask about other services you can pair with elder care to ensure your mom’s needs are met.

If your mom is diabetic and needs insulin injections, her caregiver cannot do them for her. Her caregiver can remind her it’s time to check her sugar levels, but her caregiver cannot actually handle the tests or injections.

Your Mom Has Rides to Appointments

If your mom has appointments with her doctor each month, ask an elder care specialist about transportation services. Your mom could have her caregiver drive her to the doctor’s office, wait for her, and drive her back home. Her caregiver can help her schedule follow-up appointments.

It’s time. Call an elder care agency and ask about caregivers in your mom’s area. Learn more about prices, services, and availability. 

Your mom shouldn’t have to struggle with her daily routines. With an elder care aide’s help, your mom has the help she needs to eat well, stay hydrated, get enough exercise, and have a clean, organized home.

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