Caregiver Aventura, FL: Factors that Can Quickly Overwhelm You as a Caregiver

By the time your senior needs you to take over as her primary family caregiver, your life may be more complicated than you ever expected it to be. You might try to care for your senior anyway, but if you’re not paying attention to your own situation you can land yourself in burnout range far more quickly than you thought would happen.

You Live Too Far Away

Lots of people move far away from friends and family in order to take advantage of opportunities. That’s all well and good until life changes and your senior needs your help a lot more often. Depending on the distance, you may be realizing that you just can’t be there in person the way that you need to be. Which might mean making some big changes for you or for your senior.

You Can’t Move

Fast on the heels of realizing that you are too far away might be the realization that you can’t move to be closer to your senior. It’s equally likely that she’s unable or unwilling to move to be closer to you, too. This can put both of you into a potentially bad situation, especially if you’re both feeling stubborn about what needs to happen next.

Your Health Is Not So Great

Your own health might not be much better than your senior’s health, which puts both of you into a bad situation. In fact, taking care of someone else might well be impossible if your own health is compromised. You might try to force yourself to do as much as you can for your senior, but that isn’t a sustainable situation at all.

You Really Don’t Have Time to Be a Caregiver

You might want to be your senior’s primary, hands-on caregiver, but your life may not allow that at all. Your responsibilities might have racked up over the years, including your career, your own family, and anything else you’re responsible to manage. It can feel like a cop out to say that you don’t have time, but if you truly don’t, that’s not as uncommon as you might believe.

If some of these situations sound familiar to you, you may need to find some other solutions. Hiring home care providers can help, especially if you’re still able to oversee what’s going on. It can also help a great deal if other family members are able to pitch in more.

Excerpt: You may want to be a caregiver, but there are some factors that make that a much more difficult task than you expect.

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