Elderly Care Sunny Isles, FL: Caring for Your Parents
Elderly Care Sunny Isles, FL: Caring for Your Parents

Like many adult children, your parents need your help. It could be a health issue that’s making it harder for your mom to do the housework. Your dad’s last eye appointment didn’t go well, and he learned he needs to stop driving. Whatever the reason, they’re calling on you to stop by to do the housework, tackle the laundry, cook meals, or drive them around. 
Before you help them, you need to stop and address your own needs and lifestyle. Caring for parents can prove challenging, especially if you still work full-time. Make sure you have taken these four steps. 
Complete Powers of Attorney Forms and Advance Directives 
Make sure your parents have seen a lawyer about advance directives and powers of attorney designations. If something happens to them, they need to have chosen an “agent” to represent their medical and financial matters. That’s what powers of attorney forms cover. 
The advance directive provides instructions to medical professionals and their medical POA agents. It goes over whether they’d want to be kept alive by machines if there is no chance of recovery. Your parents make choices regarding feeding tubes, ventilators, and end-of-life care. 
Talk to Your Employer to Know Your Rights 
If you work full-time or part-time and are changing your hours to help your parents, talk to your employer. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows qualifying employees to take off a certain number of days to help a family member. In that time, your employer cannot fire you for missing too much work. 
You also want to talk to your employer about any employment benefits that can help. Some companies offer several hours with an elder care attorney or financial assistance with adult day programs and elderly care aides, etc. If that’s possible, it helps you afford home care for your parents while you’re at work. 
Get a Physical 
Make sure you’re in good health. You may not love going to your doctor, but you want to know about any possible health issues as early as possible. Family caregivers often push off appointments until they start feeling unwell, and that’s not a good habit. 
Talk to your doctor about the caregiver duties you’re about to take on. Your doctor has resources, such as online video counseling and support groups, that will help you succeed as a family caregiver. They also will have advice on your dietary needs and exercise goals. 
Enlist Help 
It’s affordable to provide all of the care your parents need. It may seem easier for them, too. But, is it better for you? What are you giving up by being at your parents’ house all day, every day? Did you quit a job, stop seeing your friends, and push aside time for yourself? 
Take time to arrange elderly care services for them. You can have caregivers stop by while you take a break. When you show up at your parents’ house after having a day off, you’ll be refreshed and ready to get things done. 

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