Companion Care at Home in Miami, FL: Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Companion Care at Home in Miami, FL: Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Many aging adults find that even if they’ve never had weight problems in the past, health changes and aging itself can change that situation for them. If that’s something that your senior is facing, some of these tips might help her to maintain a healthy weight without having to make huge changes. 

Encourage More Water 

Water is something your senior almost assuredly needs more of on a regular basis. It helps her to stay hydrated, helps her body to flush waste, and does so much more. Drinking more water can also help your elderly family member to stick with realistic portion sizes, especially if she has a glass of water before each meal. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how much water is right for her needs. 

Talk with Her Doctor about Her Diet 

It’s also a good idea to talk with your senior’s doctor about other changes with her dietary needs. Bumping up her protein intake is one of the changes she might need to make, for instance. There could be other adjustments, too, such as reducing salt intake and limiting sugary drinks. All of these changes are relatively small, but they can offer big benefits to your elderly family member’s overall health. 

Include Questions about Exercise, Too 

While you’re there, ask her doctor about exercise. Your senior doesn’t have to start bodybuilding, but she may want to add strength training, cardio, and flexibility training into her lifestyle. This can feel difficult at first, especially if she’s never been one to exercise. But moving a little more can help her to avoid losing too much muscle tone and it can make maintaining her weight much easier. 

Consider Companion Care at Home to Assist with Meals 

All of these changes can be a lot to get used to, even if the changes are small ones. Something else to consider is that it can be difficult for your senior to cook healthy foods now. It may also be difficult for her to eat healthy meals, especially if she’s eating alone. Hiring companion care at home can solve both of these issues for her. Working with companion care at home also ensures that you know your senior is eating regularly. 

Even relatively small changes to your senior’s weight can make a big difference to health issues she’s facing. Finding ways to help her to lower or to maintain her weight can be important. 

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