Four Tips Your Senior Can Use When Coping with Speech Trouble

Caregiver in Doral, FL: Speech Trouble
Caregiver in Doral, FL: Speech Trouble

Over time, your senior’s vocal cords become less elastic and she may start to experience trouble speaking. This can become an even bigger problem if she lives on her own and isn’t talking to many people on a daily basis. Using some of these tips can help her to improve some of the issues she might be having with speech. 

Offer Plenty of Hydrating Drinks 

Being properly hydrated matters in so many areas of your senior’s life and it can help her with speech trouble, too. When your elderly family member’s vocal cords and throat are dry, it can be even more difficult for her to talk. Drinking plenty of water helps her to feel better overall, too. Water can help to soothe your senior’s throat when she’s been speaking more than usual as well. 

Encourage Her to Speak Every Day 

Often when someone has trouble with speech, that can make them avoid speaking as much as possible. The problem with that is that it can cause further speech difficulties, making everything so much worse. That’s why it’s a good idea for your senior to practice speaking every day. She doesn’t have to say a lot, and even if she just reads aloud to herself for a few minutes a day, that can help her to practice speaking. 

Practice Breathing Exercises 

Much of speaking involves breathwork. If your senior is breathing shallowly or is having trouble breathing, that can contribute to issues with speech. Taking a breath before she speaks and incorporating pauses in sentences for her to breathe can help your elderly family member to continue to speak clearly. Practicing deep breathing can help her to feel less anxious about speaking, too. 

Consider Speech Therapy 

Something else that your elderly family member might want to consider, especially if her speech issues are interfering with important activities like eating, is to try speech therapy. A speech therapist can narrow down exactly what’s happening with your senior’s throat and vocal cords. From there, the speech therapist can recommend specific exercises that help your senior to maintain and to improve her speech issues.  

Your elderly family member might be self-conscious about how she speaks, which can cause her to isolate herself. Hiring a caregiver offers your senior companionship that won’t judge her and who can help her with other daily activities that are becoming more difficult. A caregiver can also encourage your senior to speak more often, which can give her valuable practice. 

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