Home Health Care South Miami, FL: Reducing Your Senior’s Fall Risk
Home Health Care South Miami, FL: Reducing Your Senior’s Fall Risk

Fall prevention is crucial, especially if your elderly family member has ever fallen in the past. People who have already fallen once are twice as likely to fall again, according to the CDC. Here are some tools to help lower your senior’s risk of falling. 

Formulate a Plan for Optimizing Your Senior’s Home for Safety 

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to home safety. Most of those details are going to help your aging family member to avoid falling. Installing grab bars, removing or changing flooring that is dangerous, and reducing clutter are all good initial steps. You may also want to look at lighting changes and address furniture arrangements that might be making things more difficult than they have to be. 

Encourage Your Senior to Be Aware of Her Needs and Her Surroundings 

It might sound overly simplified, but it’s really important to continue to remind your elderly family member to pay close attention to her surroundings. Watching what’s around her can help her to avoid more problems than she realizes. It’s also important for her to pay attention to her needs in any given moment. If she hasn’t eaten recently, she might be experiencing lower blood sugar and therefore might need to take extra care. 

Work with Her Medical Team to Address Medication Side Effects 

Medication side effects are a huge concern for older adults. Your elderly family member may have taken a specific medication for a while, and yet still have different side effects over time. Some medications can leave your senior feeling more wobbly on her feet or more drowsy or dizzy than in the past. It’s important to talk to her medical team regularly about how her medications are affecting her and whether they need adjusting. 

Consider Working with Home Health Care Providers 

Home health care providers are an excellent option, especially if your elderly family member is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. They can spot potential issues and help to address mobility concerns for your elderly family member that might have not been on your radar at all. Home health care providers can also ensure that your aging family member is taking her medication properly and that her vital signs are where they’re supposed to be. 

There’s a lot more that you can do in order to protect your senior from falling than you might believe. Adopting a comprehensive approach gives you the best chance of being successful. 

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