Home Care Sunny Isles, FL: Mobility Issues

There are lots of ways that your senior’s mobility might be impacted, whether that means she can’t walk as well as she used to, or she has trouble grasping and lifting items. No matter how her mobility is affected, here’s what you can do to help.

Be Patient with Her and with Yourself

Mobility problems are frustrating. Your senior is likely going to be angry about what she can’t do any longer and about what takes much more time for her to do. Let her be frustrated and angry. Be supportive and help her to vent. Then be patient with her and with yourself. You’re both human and this is a very human experience that you’re having together. It can get better.

Let Her Do What She Still Is Able to Do

There’s a lot that your senior can likely still do. It might take her longer to do those things than it used to take, but if she can still do them, then she should. This allows her to maintain her independence to a certain degree and allows her to feel accomplishment. Avoid taking over tasks that she can still do unless she expressly asks for help. This is also going to help to build trust between the two of you.

Talk to Her about What She Sees as the Biggest Issues

Sit down with your elderly family member and have an open and frank talk about what she’s experiencing. Ask her what she’s having the biggest problems with right now. You might be surprised at her answers. Listen to her carefully, because if you don’t, you’re going to contribute to her frustration. When she does share with you what’s worrying her, don’t brush it aside. Help her to come up with solid solutions.

Bring in Home Care Providers to Help

One of the answers that can help a lot more than either of you realize is to bring home care providers into the situation. Home care providers know what it’s like to help seniors with varying degrees of mobility issues. They can help you to understand what helps and what doesn’t, and they can be there to support your senior when you’re not able to be there yourself.

Once you and your senior get past the frustration of dealing with mobility problems you can find the silver lining. Her life isn’t going to come to a standstill because of mobility. There’s still a lot that she can do, and experience and you can be there to support her.

Excerpt: Your senior’s mobility has a huge impact on so many parts of her life.

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