Home Care Assistance: Ways to Help Your Senior to Avoid a Fall

One of the scariest things you can hear is that your senior has fallen or has almost fallen. Here are some things that you, her home care assistance providers and your loved one can do that might help to avoid that possibility for her.

Encourage Her to Use Assistive Devices

Home Care Assistance South Miami FL - Home Care Assistance: Ways to Help Your Senior to Avoid a Fall
Home Care Assistance South Miami FL – Home Care Assistance: Ways to Help Your Senior to Avoid a Fall

Assistive devices aren’t always a popular choice, but they exist to help your elderly family member in whatever way possible. In terms of fall prevention, canes and walkers can help her to have the support that she needs when there isn’t a handrail available. Without using these devices, she may be less likely to move at all, which can lead to bigger issues.

Make Her Home as Clutter Free as Possible

Clutter isn’t just an eyesore. It can be absolutely dangerous for your elderly family member, especially if she has balance and mobility issues. Reducing clutter as much as you can helps to ensure that your senior has a clear space in which to walk. Maintaining a clutter-free environment may not be easy for your senior, either. That’s why having home care assistance can be important.

Help Her to Start Moving More, if Possible

It can’t be overstated that if your senior is avoiding moving, either because of pain or because she’s afraid that she’ll fall, she’s going to have more issues. That’s because she loses more muscle tone and her balance worsens even more. Talk with her doctor about how much movement is okay for your senior and help her to work up to that point.

Encourage Her to Eat Healthy Meals Regularly

The right fuel going into your senior’s body is going to make a huge difference for her. If she’s having a tough time cooking for herself, having help from home care assistance providers can be life changing. They can assist with all aspects of meal prep, including helping with shopping and cleanup.

Bring in Home Care Assistance Services

There may be other ways that your senior would benefit from home care assistance services, too. Many aging adults wait way too long to ask for or to accept help, and it can cause them to put themselves in dangerous positions. That’s something that you want to avoid for your senior if you can.

Helping your senior to avoid a fall means looking at all of the possible factors and doing as much as you can to mitigate those issues for her. Having as many eyes on the situation as possible really does help.

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