Home Care Pinecrest, FL: Hip Fractures and Seniors

The CDC reports that more than 300,000 men and women over the age of 65 break a hip each year and need to be hospitalized. About 75 percent of that 300,000 are women. Almost all of those fractures occur when an older person falls.

Hip fractures can be dangerous. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, a hip fracture increases the risk of death within the next five years by as much as 24 percent. After a hip fracture, around 4 out of 10 patients become dependent on mobility aids. Around 6 out of 10 seniors end up needing help from home care aides or family caregivers.

There’s one other concern when a senior citizen breaks a hip. Up to 10 percent break a hip again within 3.5 years. If your mom breaks her hip, it’s important that she does everything possible to regain mobility and prevent another fall.

Discuss Her Recovery With Her Doctor

Don’t skip the chance to talk to the doctors. This may be tricky if your mom hasn’t ever filled out HIPAA permissions that allow doctors to discuss her medical file. Ask her if she has or would be willing to.

If you are authorized, ask her doctor for details into what she should do to ensure her recovery. She will likely need physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve her balance. She will need to see that therapist regularly and complete the exercises at home. Make sure she does.

Ask about indications that she’s not healing well. If she had hip surgery and is in tremendous pain, make sure she’s seen by a doctor. If there’s an infection, you need it treated immediately.

Work on Her Diet

Work with your mom on improving her diet. She needs to add foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium. Sardines, no-fat dairy, broccoli, and fortified juices and cereals are good places to start. Get her to avoid processed foods and alcoholic beverages.

Get Her Outside

She doesn’t want to get a sunburn, but time in the sun is helpful at boosting vitamin D. A 10-minute walk a few times a day gives her time in the sun without risking damage. When she’s out, exposed skin should be covered with a mineral-based, broad-spectrum sunscreen.

After your mom breaks her hip, make sure she has support at home. Your work and personal life may make it hard to be there each day. That’s okay. Home care services ensure she has someone around to help her with her daily exercises, household chores, and appointments. Call a home care agency to discuss services that help after a hip fracture.




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