How Can You Help a Senior Who Is Withdrawing from Life?

Companion Care at Home Key Biscayne, FL: Seniors and Withdrawing
Companion Care at Home Key Biscayne, FL: Seniors and Withdrawing

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member doesn’t seem to be herself anymore or doesn’t seem to have the same zest for living that she once had, she might be withdrawing from her life. That’s a situation that is extremely common for aging adults, but it’s one that you need to correct if possible. Withdrawing from her life isn’t going to be emotionally healthy for your senior and it can cause her to experience bigger health issues, too.

What Does Withdrawing Look Like?

Withdrawing from her life can look very different for your senior. Some of the signs to watch for include things like giving up driving, giving up hobbies, no longer engaging in entertainment she enjoys, or deliberately avoiding social situations that she used to enjoy. If you’re seeing some of these signs, it’s vital that you step in and talk with her about what you’re noticing.

Talk to Your Senior about What She’s Experiencing

The first step is determining what your senior needs and how you can help her. Sit down with your elderly family member and talk with her about how she’s feeling and what she wants. Listen to what she’s telling you and what she isn’t saying out loud. These cues can help you to make some decisions that positively impact your senior’s life.

Address Underlying Health Issues

It’s also a very good idea to talk with your senior’s doctor about any underlying health issues that might be impacting her emotional health. Ruling out health problems or accurately diagnosing new health concerns can ensure she’s getting the right treatment for them. That can help her to feel better, which can make it less appealing to withdraw from everything and everyone around her.

Look for Solutions That Work for Your Senior

Once you know more about what your senior is up against, you can start to put together a comprehensive plan. If daily life is more difficult than she expects, then bringing in home care providers can help. If the problem is more that she simply isn’t finding joy in her life, it can help to explore new hobbies and to help your senior to find a purpose for her life now.

Consider Companion Care at Home

Often once you’ve ruled out health issues and other concerns, the situation becomes that your elderly family member is lonely and feeling cut off from the world around her. That can especially be a problem if your elderly family member lives alone and far away from most of her family and friends. Companion care at home can offer your senior a way to socialize with someone who understands her situation and is happy to spend time talking, reading, or enjoying her company in other ways.

Humans are social creatures, and if your elderly family member is closing herself off from social situations that’s a situation that needs to be reversed if at all possible. Try a variety of different options to find the plan that works best for your elderly family member.

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