Home Care Coral Gables, FL: 24-Hour Home Care
Home Care Coral Gables, FL: 24-Hour Home Care

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s requires both flexibility and routine. You need your mom to become familiar with the daily tasks, which is where a routine helps, but she may resist sometimes. The days where she fights require patience and flexibility. It takes time to learn how to read her mood. 
Have you considered the different ways 24-hour home care can help you find the right balance? Here are some of the thing’s caregivers can do to help out. 
Medication Reminders Ensure She Never Misses a Dose 
Your mom isn’t going to remember if she has or hasn’t taken her medications for the day. She may have some pills she takes in the morning and others she takes in the afternoon. If she gets a UTI, which is common in adults with Alzheimer’s, she may need to take her antibiotics every few hours, even in the middle of the night. 
With caregivers available all day and at night, she won’t miss a dose. They’ll remind her when it’s time to take a pill and make sure she swallows it. 
Hourly Supervision to Prevent Wandering 
Your mom tends to sleep two or three hours per night. You’re not able to sleep, and the sleep deprivation is getting to you. You’re exhausted and moody. When she’s awake, she’s always trying to get outside. 
You have alarms set up, and she sets them off every night, so you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in days. You’re desperate, and to get sleep, you’re considering giving her sleeping pills. 
Your mom’s doctors will advise you against the use of sleeping pills. It increases confusion in Alzheimer’s patients and heightens the fall risk. Advice is often limited to having you arrange to have someone else stay with her while you sleep. 
With 24-hour home care, you have a caregiver in the home to supervise your mom while you’re sleeping. It’s one of the best ways to be sure you get enough sleep without risking her wandering off in the middle of the night. 
Don’t Disrupt Your Work Schedule 
Many family caregivers have to leave work early or get to work late. Some have to move to part-time or quit their jobs. You may not be able to afford these options, but adult day centers never open at hours that match your schedule. 
Instead of finding somewhere for your mom to go while you work, use 24-hour home care to be there with her when you go to work. The caregiver can bring your mom to adult day and have you pick her up or stay with her until you’re home. 
Call and talk to a specialist about your mom’s advancing disease. It’s hard to predict if she’ll experience all of the stages and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. With 24-hour home care, you have peace of mind that she’s getting great care when you’re not with her. 

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