Elder Care Miami, FL: Home Care After a Stroke
Elder Care Miami, FL: Home Care After a Stroke

Dealing with the aftermath of a stroke can take a lot out of both you and your senior. Help from elder care providers might be the exact answer you’re looking for to help your aging adult to recover as well as she can. 

There Are Big Physical Challenges to Face 

A stroke affects every single part of your senior’s body, even if it only seems to affect one side of her body. The rest of her body compensates for the physical demands that some parts aren’t able to meet right now. So much of what your senior took for granted in terms of physical movement might be beyond her right now. Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and even the ability to walk may be affected. 

There Are Other Types of Challenges, Too 

There’s more that can be affected, though. Your elderly family member may have memory loss or she might lose the ability to speak. Trouble swallowing can also be a common issue after a stroke, which can affect your senior’s ability to eat. Emotionally speaking, your elderly family member might grieve the abilities that she’s lost and she might become depressed. All of this needs to be dealt with in a healthy manner. 

She Needs Aftercare 

Your elderly family member might have a long list of follow up appointments to go to after her stroke. She may have physical therapy, talk therapy, and any number of doctor’s appointments as well. This is all crucial for her recovery, but it might be impossible for her to drive herself to any of these appointments. If you’re not able to take her, either, she’ll need additional help. 

There Are Going to Be Lots of New Routines 

There’s a lot for your elderly family member to adjust. Her daily routines are likely vastly different than they were immediately before her stroke and that can be jarring. It’s difficult to sometimes embrace these new routines, especially if your senior has always been used to being active and now is being forced to rest a lot more. 

There May Also Be Ongoing Care Needs 

Depending on how well your senior recovers and what parts of her brain were affected by her stroke, your elderly family member may have a great many ongoing care needs. Simple tasks like getting out of bed and taking a shower may be close to impossible on her own for a long time. Having help from elder care providers makes that problem more bearable. 

While you can help your elderly family member with so many of these challenges, you’re only one person. Elder care providers can make life easier for both of you. 

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