Is Yoga Good Exercise For Seniors?

In-Home Care North Miami Beach, FL: Seniors and Yoga
In-Home Care North Miami Beach, FL: Seniors and Yoga

As seniors get older they may find that they have a hard time doing the exercises that they used to do. Exercising is important for seniors but hard charging intense workouts can do more damage then help when people start to get older. Consistent low-impact exercises that focus on flexibility as much as getting the heart rate up are the most often recommended for seniors. Yoga is one of the types of exercise that is often recommended for seniors because it has many benefits like:

Balance And Stability 

One of the reasons why so many doctors and physical therapists recommend yoga for seniors is that yoga poses and sequences designed for seniors can help seniors retain or even improve their balance and stability. Yoga poses are designed to integrate the entire body so seniors will be working their cores as well as other muscles. And because of the way that yoga poses flow in sequences they enhance the ability of the body to work the way it was designed to work. Stronger core muscles give seniors more stability and can help with balance. Seniors who don’t have great core strength can have an in-home care provider provide extra support during core challenging exercises until they build up core strength. 

Flexibility Of Muscles And Joints

Yoga is an excellent way for seniors to increase the flexibility of their muscles and joints. For seniors staying flexible can significantly improve the chances that they will retain their mobility. Even seniors who have medical conditions that limit their flexibility can benefit from regular yoga practice. Seniors who do need to modify poses because of their current medical conditions can get home from an in-home care provider so that they can still get the benefits of yoga. Unlike many other types of exercise yoga poses are easy to modify and the exercises are just as effective even if they are modified. 

It Can Be Done Anywhere

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that seniors can do it anywhere. Seniors can join a yoga class designed for those over 65 at a senior center or gym if they want to get a great workout and get some social connection too. But seniors who have trouble getting out and about can also do yoga by streaming a yoga workout at home, using a yoga workout DVD, or doing yoga poses prescribed by a doctor or physical therapist. 

Improved Breathing And Sleep 

Seniors who do yoga regularly have better respiration and better sleep than they would without their yoga practice in most cases. The focus on breathing during yoga helps seniors with overall respiration. And exercise helps seniors get deeper and more restorative sleep, which they need in order to keep their bodies and brains healthy. With better sleep seniors have a lower risk of serious medical problems like heart attacks or strokes. If your senior parent has insomnia or sleep challenges yoga could be very helpful for them. 

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