Let Home Care Do the Driving for Your Senior

Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Driving
Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Driving

One of the things that seniors need in order to age in place is a way to get to the store, to get to appointments, and to run errands. But when seniors can no longer drive it becomes much tougher to stay at home if they have no access to transportation. Ride sharing services can be expensive, and many seniors are uncomfortable asking people they don’t know to take them to the store, or the bank, or the doctor. Home care is the solution that that can allow your senior parents to remain independent. Home care providers can do the driving for your elderly parents so that they can safely get where they need to go. Some of the ways that a consistent care provider who drives can help your parents are:

Picking Up Medications

In a perfect world all pharmacies would be open all the time so that you could pick up medications when it works for your schedule but that’s not the way the world is. Many seniors prefer to do business with small home town pharmacies but those pharmacies are often only open for limited hours. Home care providers who can be with your senior parent during the day can pick up prescriptions or other items form the pharmacy so that you don’t need to worry about taking time off from work to run errands for your senior parents. 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is much easier when a home care provider is doing the driving. You can even use a grocery shopping service that lets you order groceries for your senior loved one through an app and then have a driver pick them up. Your senior parents will never again have to struggle to walk through a grocery store or worry about getting heavy bags of groceries into their car and then into the house. 

Clothing And Household Shopping

It isn’t just people who need a lot of upkeep. Houses always seem to need something too, and if your senior loved ones are aging in place chances are their home is old and needs a lot of things. When you have senior home care for your parents a caregiver can drive them to the mall to shop for clothes, or to the home improvement store to get things that they need for the house. Running errands will be safe and easy for them with the help of a caregiver. 

Driving Seniors To Social Activities Or Exercise

Seniors need to get out for more than just errands. Social activities, seasonal celebrations, and workouts all require that seniors leave the house.  Having a reliable and trusted caregiver who can get your senior loved ones to lunches with friends, senior activities at a senior center, or to the gym to work out or join a fitness class will improve your senior loved one’s health and quality of life without requiring that you take time off from work to take them where they need to go.

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