Elderly Care Doral, FL: Making Meals a Positive Experience
Elderly Care Doral, FL: Making Meals a Positive Experience

It’s really important to make sure that meals are as positive an experience for your senior as possible. This might be a much simpler goal to reach than either of you expect when you first set out to achieve it. You might only need to make a few small changes 

Take the Hard Work out of Cooking and Meal Prep 

It requires a lot more time and energy to cook meals, especially healthy meals, than you or your senior might realize. When she starts trying to avoid convenience foods, your senior may realize that cooking for herself is not something that’s sustainable. Having you or someone else, like elderly care providers, doing the cooking for her can make a huge difference. Your senior can reap the benefits of a healthier meal without having to put forth a lot of energy herself. 

Try to Make Meals More Social 

When meals are more of a social event, they become less of a chore for your senior. It’s understandable that you can’t be there for every meal, though. That’s when technology can help to bring you and other family members together to eat while you’re physically apart. Video conferencing and even phone calls can be exactly the right tools for this situation. 

Keep Your Senior Involved in the Planning Process 

If your elderly family member is feeling left out of the meal planning process, that can have an impact, too. Keep your senior involved in choosing dishes, deciding on timing, and any other seemingly small details about meals. It matters a lot more than you might think, especially if your senior doesn’t have a lot of choices available in other parts of her life. 

Avoid Pushing Too Hard When it Comes to Meals 

As much as you want her to be, your senior might not be ready for healthier eating. She may understand why she needs to do it, but that doesn’t mean she’s excited about the idea. If you push too hard for her to adopt a new way of eating, she may resist even harder and that’s definitely not something that you want for your senior. Avoid pushing too hard if she’s resisting. 

Meals don’t have to be miserable, for you or for your senior. If you’re making changes to your elderly family member’s diet, remember to make those changes slowly to give her a chance to adjust to the new way of eating. 

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