Questions to Ask Caregivers Before They Provide Alzheimer’s Care

Caregiver Coral Gables, FL: Alzheimer's Care
Caregiver Coral Gables, FL: Alzheimer’s Care

Your mom’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You need help caring for her, but it’s not going well. How do you make sure your mom is prepared to work with the caregiver you hire? Be sure you ask these questions. 
How Long Have You Been a Caregiver? 
Find out how long the person has been a caregiver. If your mom will be the first or second person the caregiver has helped, Alzheimer’s care isn’t always easy. Your mom will have good days and bad ones. Some days, she may be cooperative and delightful to be around. Other days may bring out the worst and have her throwing toddler-like tantrums repeatedly. 
A caregiver who hasn’t experienced that may not be able to handle it. You might find yourself having to work with new caregivers every few days as a result. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. 
What Experience Have You Had With Alzheimer’s Disease? 
See if the caregiver has any experience with Alzheimer’s disease. A grandparent or great-aunt/uncle may have had Alzheimer’s, which gives the caregiver personal experience. If that’s the case, the caregiver knows what the disease can do and how slow it can progress at times and how fast it can progress at other times. 
How Do You Handle Frustrating Situations and Stress? 
You should ask how the caregiver handles frustration and stress. Everyone experiences it, but it’s important to have techniques for managing it rather than taking it out on the person causing that frustration. 
Are You More Likely to React Immediately or Stop and Think Before Acting? 
While frustration and stress are common to the job, you need a caregiver who can stop, think, and then act. If the caregiver is prone to immediate reaction, your mom is more likely to become agitated by a sudden, sometimes angry, response. 
Are You Easily Distracted? 
Is the caregiver likely to check emails and messages on a phone regularly during work hours? Are there policies against it? It may not seem like a big deal if the phone is only checked for a minute or two. It can be, however. In a minute, your mom could eat or drink something she shouldn’t. She could wander off. 
Partner with a home care agency that screens and trains all caregivers. If you can find caregivers who are certified in Alzheimer’s care, it can be even better. When you call a home care agency, ask about training and certifications as you learn more. 

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