Senior Care South Miami, FL: Preventing Falls in the Elderly

The word “fall” does not scare most people, but it should, especially if you are thinking of the senior loved ones in your life. Falls tend to have very dangerous consequences, with extreme injuries or even death. For that reason, senior care is very important in preventing falls or even working to improve mobility, balance, and other troubles with physical activity. Considering the risks that come from a senior slipping and falling in the bathroom or any other location of the home, it is extremely helpful to have senior care nearby when there may be risks or danger coming from a potential fall. 

Reasons that Seniors May Fall 

Normal gait and balance may be missing from your senior’s life, and it may make regular mobility and strength troublesome. Therefore, it could be one of the most likely risks for your senior to fall when moving around their home. Other troubles may include muscles contracting at the wrong time with the appropriate strength; visual, vibratory, and proprioceptive input troubles; and more. While joints may become stiff, and other movements become difficult, it could be more important for senior care to help with transportation, daily physical activity, and much more. If you think about issues like previous falls, weakness, gait, and balance impairments, there is much to be considered in the lack of ability to increase strength and mobility after these events start to occur in your senior’s life. If falls become recurrent, senior care may be the most important thing to help make sure that your loved one remains safe and healthy. 

Some of these injuries include fractures and strains that may make mobility worse. While bone strength and density reduce into your loved one’s senior years, it could be harder to prevent or escape falls. One serious illness that may make the risk of falls worse includes osteoporosis or thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density. Also, foot pain, wearing poorly fitting footwear, Vitamin D deficiency, and medical side effects of some medications. 

Senior Care Provides Prevention Exercises and Activities 

Some of the most important exercises that can help seniors include those for improved leg strength, balance, and flexibility. These work for your bones, and they can help with the prevention of hip fractures as well as strengthening bones all throughout the body. Stability and walking are helpful throughout senior years, and your senior care professional is helpful in adding these activities to your loved one’s regular schedule. Some helpful activities include Tai Chi or yoga, popular activities that do not require difficult, painful movements and may not always require regular exercise. Additionally, there could be the use of bicycling that can be used for running errands nearby along with exercise.  

With all of these, there is much to check off when considering the importance of having senior care for your loved one in order to prevent the risk of falls. There is so much to consider when hiring senior care to help make sure that your senior does not fall. With all of the injuries that are possible with falls, it is important to make sure that your loved one’s physical wellness is improved as possible and that they are overseen by senior care that can make sure they will always be cared for in the event of any fall. 

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