Senior Citizens and Stretching: What Are the Best Tips?

Homecare in Doral, FL: Senior Citizens and Stretching
Homecare in Doral, FL: Senior Citizens and Stretching

Stretching is good for everyone. Studies show that stretching at least once a day for a few minutes can loosen tight muscles, relieve some pain, help reduce stress, and offer many other benefits, too. As a family caregiver, learning more about stretching for senior citizens can allow you to better help your elderly loved one.

Tips Regarding Stretching for the Elderly

It is very important that your elderly loved one follow the following tips regarding stretching. These tips will help to keep them safe while stretching. The tips that you or their home care providers should share with them include:

  • Get approval from their doctor before starting any exercises
  • Start slowly and then pick up the intensity of the stretch after making sure it feels okay
  • Walking in place before stretching can help warm up the body
  • Use gentle and smooth movements
  • Keep joints loose when stretching
  • Breath steadily and slowly

Remind your elderly loved one to follow these tips. They should also do their best to stretch for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3 to 5 days out of the week. They can stretch more than this. However, this recommendation should be the minimum.

Types of Stretches for Senior Citizens

There are many different types of stretches that senior citizens may want to try. Remember to have your elderly loved one check with their doctor before starting these exercises. Some stretches that you or a home care provider may want to help your elderly loved one with include:

  • Quadriceps: Stand up, bend one knee, and bring one foot up to the butt with one hand. Put that foot slowly back down and do it with the other foot.
  • Calves: Put feet shoulder-width apart and face the wall about an arms-length away. Put palms on the wall around shoulder height. Step one foot forward and bend knee. Press into the wall and put pressure on the forward-facing foot. Take it back and do it with the other leg.
  • Hips: Stand approximately one foot from the wall and turn right side toward the wall. Cross left leg over the top of the right leg. Bring hip in to the wall. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds. Move back to starting position and do the other side.

These are some starting stretches that can help to loosen your elderly loved one’s muscles, reduce stress, boost energy, and improve overall health.


There are many stretches that are safe for senior citizens. There are also many health benefits of stretching for the elderly. Now that you know about the tips and stretches noted here today, be sure you or a home care provider share this information with your elderly loved one.

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