Set Up a Window Sill Garden to Celebrate Your Mom’s Passion for Gardening All Winter

Companion Care at Home in Doral, FL: Seniors and Gardening
Companion Care at Home in Doral, FL: Seniors and Gardening

Your mom’s favorite activity is gardening. She loves getting outside and growing things in the spring, summer, and fall. When winter arrives, she’s lost and has little to keep her busy. Have you considered setting up a window sill garden for her? 

Consider Mason Jars 

Mason jars are a good choice for a windowsill garden. To grow plants effectively: 

  1. Cover the bottom of the jar with crushed gravel for drainage. 
  1. Place potting soil on top of that. 
  1. Finish with the seeds or seedlings and a little more potting soil. 

Once a plant is set, place it in the sunny window your mom has chosen for her garden. She should be able to fit several jars on a windowsill. If she wants to save money, she could keep the glass jars that her pickles, honey, and jams come in and use them for her garden. 

She needs to limit the crops to items that grow well in small containers. Herbs and smaller leafy greens like spinach or Swiss chard are good. If she grows leafy greens, she may need to harvest the leaves while they’re smaller to save space. 

Hydroponic Counter Gardens 

Several companies sell hydroponic gardens that fit on a countertop. Follow the directions, add the seeds, and watch the plants thrive on just water and light. These can grow herbs and vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers. 

Window Box Gardens 

If your mom has larger windows, she might have room for window boxes. They’ll welcome bigger vegetables like spring onions, bush beans, peppers, radishes, dwarf carrots, and beets. 

She wants to line the bottom with gravel and then fill them with potting soil. Keeping a tray under them ensures water doesn’t leak out the drain holes in the bottom and damage the wooden windowsills. 

Tips to Ensure Things Grow Well 

Keep plants out of drafty areas. Cold drafts may stunt the growth of the plants you’re trying to grow. The window should get plenty of sun during the day. Make sure you keep the soil damp and watch for mold growth. If mold does develop, a mixture of water, baking soda, and oil sprayed onto the soil can help. 

You may need to pollinate the flowers on bean and pepper plants to make sure the vegetables grow. Do this by using a small paintbrush to transfer the pollen from one flower to another. 

Pair your mom’s passion for gardening with regular visits from companion care at home visits. Winter won’t seem as long or lonely if she has caregivers stopping by for conversations and help around the home. Call a companion care at home specialist to make arrangements. 

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