Seven Facts About Elder Personal Care

Facts About Elderly Personal Care
Facts About Elderly Personal Care

National Caregivers Day honors professional caregivers and all they do to help their clients. Have you ever stopped to think of all the ways they help with elder personal care, such as grooming and hygiene needs? It’s impressive.

57% of Family Caregivers Help a Parent

In AARP’s Caregiving report, just over half of all family caregivers report they’re helping their aging parents. Seven out of ten of these older adults in need of care have long-term health conditions that prevent them from taking care of themselves.

Among the more common areas care is needed,  you’ll find bathing, dressing, and toileting. For a family caregiver and the parent, this can be an uncomfortable aspect of care. You should ask your dad if he’s comfortable having you help him with more intimate aspects of grooming and hygiene. If not, look into hiring an elder care provider.

Poor Foot Care Impacts Mobility

Have you checked your dad’s feet recently? If he always has socks on,  you might not visibly see how long his toenails have gotten. If he cannot bend over to trim them, they could be long enough that they catch on the toe bed of his shoes or dig into other toes. This makes it harder for him to walk for a reasonable distance.

20% of Adults Aged 65+ Are Missing All of Their Teeth

One out of five elderly adults (65 or older) have lost all of their teeth. One out of five also have untreated cavities. Dental care is essential for preventing gum disease, tooth loss, and difficulty chewing harder foods. 

Washing Hair Every Day Isn’t Necessary

Are you battling your dad to wash his hair every day? Stop. As you age, your oil glands slow down production. It’s okay to wash your dad’s hair every few days. In fact, it can be better for his hair. If his hair doesn’t look greasy or smell sweaty, it’s fine to skip it.

Obesity Rates Are Increasing

Obesity rates among the elderly are at 35%. Weight can be a sensitive topic, but there’s one aspect of obesity that must be considered. If your dad is obese and has folds of skin, it’s important that you carefully dry those areas. If moisture is trapped, there is a chance of yeast or bacterial infection.

Moisturize After a Shower

After your dad takes a shower, put moisturizer on his skin. Collagen stores and production decrease with age, so dry skin is common. If it’s too dry, it may crack and raise the risk of an infection. Moisturize while the skin is damp to trap moisture.

It’s Hard Relying on Children for Grooming and Hygiene Assistance

Elder personal care at home services often eases the stress your dad feels when he needs help with grooming and hygiene. It also makes it easier for you to focus on the other tasks each day while he has an aide to help with personal care at home.

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