Caregiver Doral, FL: Stress and Caregiving
Caregiver Doral, FL: Stress and Caregiving

If you’re noticing that you’ve started to experience more stress after you became a caregiver, you’re not alone. Most caregivers are experiencing a lot of stress and in order to deal with it effectively, you’re going to need to be able to examine it a bit. From there you can start to put together a plan that works for you and that addresses your primary causes of stress. 

Your Stress Has Triggers 

Stress involves specific triggers. Everyone has stress triggers, but they’re different for everybody. In order to start getting a handle on your stress levels it’s really important for you to start to notice and to understand what triggers stress for you and what creates those feelings. Journaling can help you with this, but what’s really important is that you’re starting to simply pay attention to how specific situations affect you. 

There Are Outside Sources of Stress 

Outside stress triggers, or external stressors, are things that happen externally to you. Just about anything could be an external stress trigger from being uncomfortable to certain smells or sounds. A common source of external stress is the actions of other people. When something happens that you don’t like or that is not how you expected it to be, that can create stress. Getting bad news, for instance, can be an example of an external stressor. 

And There Are Inside Sources of Stress 

Internal stressors are the opposite of external stressors. These are stress triggers that originate within your body and your mind. Fears and phobias are one type of internal stressor. If you’re afraid of spiders and you see one in your kitchen, that’s a big stress trigger for you. Other types of internal stressors could be the expectations you put on yourself as a caregiver, emotions you’re still sorting through, and thoughts you have about life and yourself.  

You Need to Pay Attention to it All 

When you’re trying to manage your stress levels, you have to be paying attention to all of these triggers. Depending on what is causing you the most stress, you’re going to have different reactions and responses. Also, different solutions will be effective. Paying attention to these triggers will help you to see what you need, which is an excellent first step toward proper self-care. 

You are going to experience a lot of stress as a caregiver. It’s how you manage it that really matters. 

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