Support Groups for Your Aging Loved One

Personal Care at Home in Bal Harbor, FL: Support Groups
Personal Care at Home in Bal Harbor, FL: Support Groups

There’s something to be said about receiving additional support from those going through similar experiences. This is one of the reasons why support groups may be valuable tools for older persons dealing with emotionally or physically tough life issues. This can go hand in hand with therapy or even forms of personal care at home. Often, seniors need help and multiple forms of support to age well at home. 

Illness Support Group

According to the National Council on Aging, over 80% of seniors have at least one chronic illness, and this percentage rises with age. Living with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or another ailment may have a negative impact on one’s general health. Support groups for chronic diseases or ailments, which are often provided through hospitals or directly online, generally provide:

• Emotional support from other older folks suffering from the same disease

• Suggestions for good day-to-day maintenance

• Obtaining trustworthy information about complementary therapies

The American Cancer Society features a link where seniors may discover local support services. There are also organizations for seniors dealing with the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Similar clubs that assist members to handle progressive hearing or visual loss that is not totally correctable may also benefit seniors.

Grief Support Groups

After a major loss, seniors may feel unhappy and not know what to do with their lives. They may need extra support like personal care at home but also attend something like a grief support group. A senior’s adjustment to living without a spouse or other loved one may be challenging. Support groups for seniors confronting loss are available at some local senior centers, churches, funeral homes, hospitals, and clinics. Such organizations may be beneficial by enhancing the support supplied by family and friends.

Dementia Support Groups

Seniors who have just been diagnosed with dementia or are in the early stages of the disease may benefit from support groups for older individuals and their family members. These organizations may be able to assist older persons with dementia and those who care for them by:

  • You can discuss your concerns openly together, 
  • Discussing emotions together.
  • Where you can find other therapies and activities.

The Alzheimer’s Association website connects people with dementia and their caregivers to various support groups. For seniors suffering from Parkinson’s disease, similar support groups are offered.

Addiction Recovery Groups for Seniors

Support groups may assist recovering seniors in staying focused on their goals once they have received adequate addiction treatment. Some of these organizations also propose strategies and activities that seniors might do to stay calm and focused after therapy. Furthermore, rehabilitation groups provide senior members with quick access to extra aid in the event of setbacks or unanticipated problems.

Lifestyle Support Groups

It’s not uncommon for seniors to struggle with quitting smoking, losing weight, or sticking to fitness programs. Instead of in-person sessions, some seniors may opt to use the American Lung Association website’s stop smoking action plan. The Obesity Action Coalition maintains a list of in-person support groups by state for weight reduction, and Weight Watchers has online-accessible groups. Some local gyms, as well as some senior centers, provide exercise groups for older people. Similar materials are available for older individuals on the Silver Sneakers website. Such organizations may help people remain motivated and accomplish their own objectives.

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