Surprising Things That Increase Your Elderly Loved One’s Fall Risk

Caregiver Homestead, FL: Fall Risks
Caregiver Homestead, FL: Fall Risks

There are many surprising things that cause senior citizens to fall. If you are a family caregiver of a senior citizen this is probably something that you worry about quite often. If so, learning more about what can cause your elderly loved one to fall can help you to prevent a fall.  

Foot Issues 

One of the most surprising things can cause a senior citizen to fall is foot issues. For example, your elderly loved one might have bunions or warts on their feet. These foot issues can cause there feet to hurt. The pain can affect their balance and cause your loved one to fall. If you or caregivers notice that your elderly loved one has foot issues, be sure they have their doctor take a look. Getting these issues taken care of can help to prevent falls for your elderly loved one.  

Car Accidents 

Another surprising thing that can make a senior citizen fall is a car accident. After some elderly people are in a car accident, they suffer from emotional and/or physical trauma. The emotional trauma can make them worried that they are going to keep getting hurt. This can affect their balance when they are walking. The physical trauma might include broken bones or fractures. These health issues can make it difficult for your elderly loved one to walk around. If your elderly loved one has been in a car accident, it might be a good idea to have yourself or caregivers keep an eye on them.  

Vision Issues 

Many senior citizens often fall due to vision-related issues, as well. For instance, if your elderly loved one has cataracts or other eye-health conditions, they may not be able to see well at all. This can cause them to trip over things. It can also cause them to have double vision or blurry vision which can affect their balance. If you or caregivers notice your elderly loved one is experiencing vision issues, make sure they get an appointment schedule with their eye doctor. The eye doctor can determine any course of treatment such as glasses, surgery, or other treatments to help your elderly loved one’s vision.  


These are some of the surprising things that can increase your elderly loved one’s fall risk. Now that you know more about these issues, you and your loved one’s caregivers can help to keep them safe. If you are still concerned that your elderly loved one is going to fall, you should speak to their doctor to see what else might need to be done.  

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