August 2014

Elizabeth R. is the most caring and compassionate caregiver we have come across. She is always very cheerful and upbeat with my wife who looks forward to seeing her every morning. She is very delicate in handling my wife and always explains what is being done and options offered still giving my wife control in her care. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and customer service oriented Agency. Great job Elite Care At Home!

Dr. Ramon M

March 2013

My sister WG has been with your Agency since Jan 2013 and I am impressed with the service your Agency has given her. I just changed
Agency’s to Elite Care At Home because I could never reach anyone in the office during the week never mind the weekends. I feel confident
knowing your Agency is accessible after hours in case of an emergency and it’s an office staff member who answers the calls.
Keep up the great work!

Marion N.
Miami, FL

December 2013

Edgar N. has been a pleasure to have in our home helping my father stay independent for quite a few years now. He is a pleasure to have and very responsible & respectful. Edgar truly understands my father and is very patient with him. This is a perfect match. The Agency is always very helpful with the scheduling needs of my father. We can always count on them for last minute changes and giving our family peace of mind that a back up aide will be there for us.

Sonia R.
Miami, FL

April 2013

Elena has been a blessing coordinating the care for my father. She has
been able to match my father’s needs with the right staff member who
understands my father and is sensitive to his needs. I love that your
Agency employs male nursing assistants who are caring and

Jose R.
Coconut Grove, FL

November 2012

I just wanted to say that both my mother and I just love Ms. Louise B.
She is such a beautiful person who touched my family’s lives. She
showed my father total adoration, respect, honor and the lover for
another human being. She touched our lives in a time that was so hard
for me and my mother. I could not have picked a more wonderful person
to be there for my dad. If you have any outlets to pay or in some way
show appreciation for an employees devotion and excellent work, she
would be the best candidate. I adore her and miss her presence in my
To Ms. Louise B.-May God Bless you with all that you give to others.

Carol P.
Miami, FL

September 2012

We are so fortunate and grateful to have Barbara B. as a companion for
my dear husband Phil.
Barbara and Phil have bonded so that when I am with them I feel like
the “other woman” in Phil’s life. The two of them have their own way
of communicating since Phil has aphasia and can not speak. They laugh
all of the time.
Barbara recognizes the things that Phil can still do by himself and
she lets him have his independence as much as possible.
The other day Barbara told me that she can look in his eyes and know
what his mood is. Barbara is very attentive to my husband.
I also hear from a variety of people on the campus of Miami Jewish
Health Systems that they see Phil and Barbara walking around or
participating in activities together.
Unless you are a caregiver, one can’t even imagine what a relief it is
that your loved one is taken care of like Barbara watches over my
husband, Phil.

Julia S.
Miami, FL

August 2012

Good Morning:
The last couple of weeks have been a blur. I would have written sooner.
My wife had battled pancreatic cancer for close to the last two and a
half years. When we called hospice we had arrived at the “end game.”
We really had no idea what to expect from them or the nurses who would
be our constant companions til the end came.
I want you to know exactly how much my family and friends appreciated
the loving care, comfort and skill of your nurses. Both Sashienne R.
and Maria Ela G. need to be singled out and applauded because no one
could have done a better job. They showed kindness, compassion, smarts
and were able to anticipate my wife’s needs with an uncanny attention
to detail.
For nearly a week Sashienne and Maria Ela became a part of our family.
They were both there as each crisis rose and was handled. They made a
very tough, difficult situation into something we could process.
I needed to thank them and your Agency for the great work being done.

Michael F. & Friends
Miami, FL

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