Home Care Miami, FL: Facts About Home Care
Home Care Miami, FL: Facts About Home Care

When your mom and dad insist on staying in their home, you don’t have to worry about them. This is exactly why home care services exist. Learn more about the things that caregivers do to help your parents meet their goals of aging at home. 
Your Parents Remain Independent 
Your mom does well living independently, but she has a few things she cannot do without reminders or assistance. She forgets to take her blood pressure medications some mornings. Or, she has a hard time walking down to the basement when she’s carrying her hamper. 
Caregivers help your parents remain independent by assisting with the more challenging daily activities of living. They can do the laundry, cook meals, vacuum, and dust. They can help your mom or dad with personal care and grooming, only offering as much help as is needed. 
They Help With Errands and Shopping 
Your parents don’t drive much anymore, but they still need to pick up their prescriptions, shop for groceries, and purchase household supplies. Home care aides can take them shopping. Your parents don’t have to worry about driving or finding a ride with a friend or family member. 
Caregivers Offer Companionship 
Your parents may not need much help with tasks like housework or meal preparation. They simply don’t have many friends and family in the area. As a result, they feel lonely. 
One of the most popular caregiver services is companionship. Instead of having your parents spend weeks feeling isolated and alone until your next visit, companionship services arrange to have a caregiver stop by. 
That caregiver can make sure your parents have the groceries they need. If they’re out of anything, they can have their caregiver join them on shopping trips. They have a caregiver to join them on daily walks, stick around to help them with their favorite hobby, or take them to a movie. 
If they don’t want to leave the house, that’s okay. Caregivers can put on a movie and make popcorn for a movie afternoon at home. They can get out a favorite board game and play against your parents. They can make tea and sit down for a friendly conversation. 
Now that your family has talked about the pros and cons of home care, it’s time to pick up the phone. Gather a list of questions, call and ask to speak to a specialist, and learn more about prices and services. When you’re ready, a home care specialist can help you schedule caregiver visits. 

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