Elderly Care in Coral Gables, FL: Seniors and Dementia
Elderly Care in Coral Gables, FL: Seniors and Dementia

Does your elderly loved one have dementia? If so, they might not be willing to cooperate. This is a common thing that happens with dementia patients. If this is the case, for your elderly loved one it is important to learn all that you can about how to help them. While you can’t get a cure at this point for their dementia, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help to make things a bit easier. Even if your elderly loved one is very stubborn, you might still be able to increase their desire to cooperate with you and their elderly care providers.  

Compromising Can Help 

There are numerous things that your elderly loved one might not be willing to cooperate on if they have dementia. For instance, if your elderly loved one isn’t going take a shower, you can suggest they get a sponge bath instead.  

Bribery Might Be Necessary 

In some instances, you might need to bribe your elderly loved one. While you wouldn’t use bribery with a child, your elderly loved one’s cognitive functioning is declining. This means that they can’t reason as well, so bribery might be a route you need to take. When you request that your elderly loved one does something, they might resist. You might need to offer them a reward (something they really enjoy doing) in order to get them to complete the task you are requesting of them.  

Three Tries Might Do It 

If you are trying to get your elderly loved one to do something, you might have to try to get them to do it three separate times. Each time that you try to have your loved one do something, change the way you ask them to do it. For instance, if you ask them to do a puzzle, they might say no. The second time you ask, request that they they help you do a puzzle. If that doesn’t work, the third time, touch their shoulder and say they can have a reward if they help with the puzzle.  

Don’t Take It Personally 

If your elderly loved one isn’t cooperating, don’t take it personally. If you get irritated, this is likely to cause even more resistance from your loved one. Remember that your elderly loved one has a condition that is difficult to handle. Their brain is changing and they can’t control it. They are not reacting negatively to you just because it’s you. Yes, they might have a preference over who cares for them. However, that is mostly due to the way that person responds to them.  

Helping someone who has dementia can be tough. However, if you can remember the tips mentioned here, you might be able to get your elderly loved one to cooperate more often. 

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