Elderly Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Shoulder Pain

Older adults can experience shoulder pain for many reasons, including arthritis or muscle strain. When shoulders hurt, it makes doing regular daily activities difficult. It can also make them miserable and put them in a bad mood. Although it is a good idea for your aging relative to see a doctor about shoulder pain, there are things they can do at home along with following the doctor’s advice that can help to relieve the pain. Below are some home remedies that can help make shoulder pain feel better faster. 

Cold Pack 

A cold pack helps to ease the pain by numbing the area. It also helps to bring swelling down. Ice can be applied to the shoulder for about 20 minutes at a time up to 5 times per day. However, an ice pack should never be placed directly against the skin since it can damage tissues. Instead, wrap the ice pack in a soft towel before placing it against the skin. Don’t have a cold pack? Try substituting a bag of frozen peas or corn. The bag will conform around the shoulder unlike a hard ice pack. 

An elderly care provider can help your aging relative to safely apply an ice pack to the painful area, reminding them to remove it after 20 minutes.  

Exercises and Stretches 

The doctor may recommend physical therapy for your aging relative, which often includes exercises for them to do at home. The exercises will help to build muscle strength and improve flexibility, which should lessen the pain over time. The physical therapist will probably send your older family member home with an instruction sheet for the exercises, so they remember how to do them correctly. 

An elderly care provider can assist the older adult to perform the exercises at home. They can use the instructions to show the older adult how to do the exercises. In addition, an elderly care provider can drive the older adult to physical therapy appointments. 


During periods of severe pain and swelling, the best course of action may be to rest the shoulder. When that is the case, the senior may be unable to perform their usual daily activities. An elderly care provider can step in and assist them, so the joint can rest. Elderly care providers can help them with dressing if moving the arm makes it difficult to do so alone. In addition, the elderly care provider can take care of things around the house, including cleaning, making meals, and even taking the dog outside. 

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