Tips to Keep Elderly Safe While Using Walking Aids

In-Home Care Pinecrest, FL: Walking Aids
In-Home Care Pinecrest, FL: Walking Aids

Does your elderly loved one have walking aids? Maybe, they need to use a walker or a cane to get around. Did you know that many elderly people who use walking aids still fall and get injured? There are many reasons for this. However, as a family caregiver, you can help to keep your elderly loved one safe while they use walking aids.  

Clearing a Path 

It is very important that there are clear walking pathways throughout your elderly loved one’s house. Sure, they may have a cane or a walker to help them get around. However, that does not mean they can’t trip over things. In fact, if your elderly loved one’s cane or walker gets caught on something on the floor, they may get hurt worse than if they weren’t using a walking aid in the first place. If needed, you can hire in-home care providers to help keep the floor clear for your elderly loved one. 

Securing Electrical Cords 

Does your elderly loved one have electrical cords throughout their house? Maybe, they have televisions, computers, a phone, or tablets plugged in. If these cords are laying on the floor or in the way of where your elderly loved one walks, they could trip on them and get hurt. It is important to ensure the electrical cords are all secured. You can do this by stapling or taping them down to the floor or the wall. You or a home care provider should regularly check to ensure the cords are secured.  

Checking the Walking Aids 

How old or worn down is your elderly loved one’s walking aid? Does their cane have any cracks in it? Is there walker broken? If there are any issues with your elderly loved one’s walking aids, this could make it less reliable. It could increase the chances of your elderly loved one falling and getting injured. There are many places that offer walking aids for senior citizens. You can find someplace to get your elderly loved one a new cane or walker if the one they have is broken.  


How is your elderly loved one doing with their walking aids? Have they had a fall due to clutter in their house? Do they need to get a new cane or walker because the one they have is broken? It is important for you or an in-home care provider to regularly check to ensure your elderly loved one is staying safe while using their walking aids. Many people believe that those who use walking aids don’t need assistance. However, that isn’t usually true. As long as you follow the tips above, you can help to reduce the risk of your elderly loved one getting hurt while they are using a cane or walker.  

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