Senior Care North Bay Village, FL: Video Games During Self-Quarantine
Senior Care North Bay Village, FL: Video Games During Self-Quarantine

If you’re in a state where schools shut down, your teens may be getting bored and restless. Your parents may be missing their grandparents. While they can talk on the phone or through video chats, there’s another way for your parents and teens to bond virtually during the pandemic. They can find a game that interests both of them and play together from different homes. 
Steam’s Remote Play makes this easy to do from a home computer Here are examples of games where your parents and teens can play together. Your teens likely have Steam installed on their computer already. Your parents would need to do so on their own or with the help of a caregiver. From there, they can find games to buy and play together or see if they can find free ones. 
Degrees of Separation 
In Degrees of Separation, your teen and parent play as Ember and Rime. These characters in this fantasy game are in love, but they’ve been separated by a strange force. While they’re in the same location, they’re in different dimensions. They need to travel through the realm working together to solve puzzles if there is to be the hope of a reunion. 
Moon Hunters 
Something has happened and creatures have taken over Issaria’s moon. If things do not go back to normal in five days, it will start a war. Players team up to travel to the moon, solve the mystery, and return the moon to its former state if they want to prevent that war from happening. 
In this cooperative cooking game, players team up to prepare meals and serve them to the customers. There’s a limited amount of time before customers get annoyed with the wait and storm off. To keep customers happy players must work together to make sure meals are ready before time runs out. 
Twincop is one of the most challenging cooperative games you’ll find. The game’s character is a police officer who is trying to work his regular shift. The thing is that both players control the leg movements, but one player controls the officer’s right arm and the other controls the left arm. Cooperation is key if your parents and teens are going to help the officer complete his tasks. 
When you’re all staying home and following orders, make arrangements to ensure someone is helping your parents. Senior care services send a caregiver to help your parents with any tasks they have a difficult time doing independently. 
Caregivers help with housework, linens changeovers, laundry, meals, personal care, and so much more. Talk to a senior care representative and discuss the things your parents could use help with while you’re at home and unable to help them. 

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