Exercise might be something that your elderly family member hasn’t considered trying yet. It’s something that she can do alone or with friends and it can improve her quality of life in so many different ways. Even if she thinks she’s uncoordinated, your senior can exercise as long as her doctor agrees it’s okay.

She’ll Feel Better about Herself

Self-esteem can get a big boost from exercise. Moving even just a little bit more often helps to release chemicals called endorphins that help your senior to feel better. Your senior can also find her life improving in other ways, which boosts her self-confidence even more. This is especially helpful if your senior has looked at changes like hiring elderly care providers as a way she’s lost independence. It’s important for her to feel competent, even if she needs a little help.

Her Mood Can Get a Boost

While those endorphins are floating around, they can also help to relieve stress and offer mood improvement. This is especially helpful if your elderly family member has been feeling down or anxious. In fact, exercising more often can help your senior to release excess energy that anxiety can cause.

Her Brain Gets a Workout, Too

You might think that your senior’s brain isn’t involved in the exercise process, but it gets a boost, too. Blood flow increases, which is a benefit to your senior’s entire body. Improving blood flow to her brain helps her to solve problems better and can even be part of keeping her brain healthier.

She Could Improve Her Balance and Her Mobility

Because your elderly family member is moving more, her mobility and her balance are going to improve over time. This can help her to avoid a fall and can even help with pain management. If she has arthritis, especially in her lower body, exercise can help to strengthen those muscles so they can support her joints better.

She Might Sleep Better

Exercise can be surprisingly effective in helping your elderly family member to sleep better than she has in the past. If she has had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, she may find that exercise helps to solve those problems.

Exercise can do so much for your senior, even if she’s never exercised before in her life. She doesn’t have to do much to get these benefits, either. Always talk to her doctor before she starts an exercise plan to make sure that it’s safe for her.

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