Senior Care Aventura, FL: Stomach Pain and Eating

For some aging adults, the foods they’ve always eaten don’t serve them as well as they grow older. Your elderly family member might even find that she has a great deal of digestive pain after eating, which might cause her to avoid eating. 

Get Her to the Doctor 

The very first step with anything like this is always to talk to your senior’s doctor. There may be a lot going on from medication interactions and side effects to new health problems cropping up. Her doctor will be able to run tests and get a lot more information about what’s going on internally. That said, sometimes you might not be able to get in to see the doctor that day, so you might be able to do some of these other things before the visit. 

Start Keeping a Food Log 

What has your elderly family member been eating, if she’s eaten anything at all? You may be able to pinpoint that she has pain after eating certain foods or if she waits too long to eat. Start tracking whatever you can about what she’s willing to eat and about how she feels afterward. This can be really helpful information for her doctor. 

Dig a Little Deeper into What’s Happening 

What else has been going on besides pain with eating? There may be other times when your elderly family member is experiencing pain. She might also have different types of pain at different points during her day. It can help to ask her some questions about what else she’s experiencing in order to see what other information you can bring to the doctor. 

Make Some Dietary Changes 

After your senior’s visit to her doctor, you’ll have a much better idea what she’s up against. It’s possible that there are some changes that her doctor recommends making to your senior’s diet to help her to get the nutrients she needs without creating pain for herself. With any dietary change, there’s a learning curve, though, and your senior might opt for easier foods she’s familiar with rather than messing around with new foods and new cooking methods. Having senior care providers there helping her with meal preparation can be just the answer. 

Ideally this is a situation that’s easy for you and your senior to address with some small changes that help her to feel better right away. If those changes don’t work, though, make sure to bring it up with her doctor again. 

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