What Caused Your Dad’s Anosmia? 

Anosmia Awareness Day Home Care
Anosmia Awareness Day Home Care North Bay Village FL

Anosmia Awareness Day was founded back in 2012. Falling on February 27th each year, the day is designed to raise awareness of this condition that affects 25% of U.S. adults. While anosmia relates to the loss of smell, that also impacts how things taste, two are closely related.

It’s highest in people aged 80 or older and impacts about 27% (taste) and 32% (smell) of this age group. In all, anosmia affects 39% of adults aged 80 or older.

Your dad’s lost his sense of smell and taste. His doctor tells you this is known as anosmia. What caused it, and how do you make meals palatable?

The Common Causes of Anosmia

Many things can cause anosmia, and viruses are at the top of the list. COVID is one common virus that can lead to a loss of taste or smell for several weeks. A cold that triggers a sinus infection is another.

Nasal polyps and a deviated septum can also impact anosmia. Some prescription medications can trigger it, as can health conditions like Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injuries and stroke, and diabetes. High blood pressure, brain tumors, and smoking are other common causes.

How Do You Help Him?

If your dad has anosmia, it’s important to figure out the cause. Especially if he is a smoker, he might find his sense of smell and taste slowly returning after he stops smoking. Medications could also be causing it, and if so, it’s important to talk to his doctor about alternative options.

As you narrow down the cause, you need to make sure he’s still getting the right nutrients. To do this, you need to figure out what foods are most palatable. If your dad tastes sweet better than salty, look for ways to boost the sweetness. Make him mashed sweet potatoes for a shepherd’s pie or try maple glazed salmon instead of a herb-crusted version.

If he finds the taste of lemon to be bitter and unpleasant, avoid using lemon. But, he tells you that coconut milk tastes fantastic, so aim for dishes like coconut-based curry. Keep notes on what he eats the most of, and use that to plan weekly menus and shop for ingredients each week.

Support Your Dad’s Care Needs and Your Self-Care

Balancing your dad’s care needs and your own self-care requirements can be challenging, especially if you’re still working or have kids at home. When your dad won’t eat what you make, it’s especially frustrating. There’s an easier way.

Home care aides are helpful when it comes to taking care of your dad. Instead of trying to do everything by yourself, have caregivers helping out. While a home care aide takes care of some chores on your list, you’ll have quality time with your dad or the time needed for self-care.

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