What Do You Do When the Family Caregiver Is Sick?

Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Caregivers
Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Caregivers

To save money, you help your mom with her daily tasks. You work from her home and help out in between job tasks. You’re not feeling well, and you’re not sure what to do. How do family caregivers take time off when their parents rely on them?

Self-Care Is Essential for Several Reasons

You’ve heard the term “self-care.” It’s essentially taking care of yourself so that you have the energy and mental ability to take care of others. If you’re sick, you can’t go help your mom.

Whether you’re dealing with severe allergies or have learned you have cancer, you have to stop and take care of yourself. Your mom’s needs have to come second to yours. 

Many family caregivers feel they have to come second to their elderly parents’ needs. It’s not selfish to put yourself first. You just need to make sure your mom’s needs are covered by someone else in your absence.

Make a List of What Your Mom Needs

Have a list of the care you offer your mom each day and week. Monthly tasks like prescription refills and bill paying should also go onto a list. The goal is to have a comprehensive list of everything you do each day to ensure a replacement caregiver can step in and not struggle to figure out what needs to be done.

Start with a daily list of things like medication reminders, any personal care and hygiene tasks your mom cannot do on her own, and whether you prepare meals and snacks. If your mom has to avoid certain foods due to allergies or doctor’s recommendations, add that to the care plan.

Each week, you probably vacuum carpets, do the laundry, and shop for groceries and household essentials. You might go through the fridge once a week to remove leftovers that didn’t get used up in time. If your city or town requires food composting, make sure you list where that bucket is located and when it gets picked up.

For monthly tasks, you’ll have bills, prescription refills, and trips to the hairdresser on the list. You might need to add when it’s time for eye exams, dental cleanings, and doctor’s visits. If your mom works with a physical therapist, note the frequency of those visits to ensure appointments don’t get missed.

Learn About Respite Care

Home care assistance services are ideal for respite care. If you or another family caregiver are sick, you shouldn’t risk your health by helping your mom anyway. You could also pass some illnesses to her, which can be unwise if her immune system isn’t strong. 

Take a break until you feel better. Hire home care assistance services and take time to recover before returning to your mom’s home.

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