What Home Care Services Most Help Someone After a Stroke?

Home Care Sunny Isles, FL: Home Care and Strokes
Home Care Sunny Isles, FL: Home Care and Strokes

Within two minutes, an average of three people have had a stroke. Of those strokes, about 77% are first-time strokes. While certain factors increase the risk of a stroke, such as smoking and high blood pressure, many strokes are surprising to both the patient and their families. 

Your dad had a stroke, and your family is stressed and uncertain. For now, your dad’s medical team recommends that he goes to a skilled nursing facility for a few weeks. After that, he’ll be coming home and will need more care than you feel able to provide.

It’s suggested that you arrange home care services now. Where do you start? What home care services is he going to need?

Meal Preparation and Planning

After his stroke, your dad may not be able to chop, mince, grate, or dice food items. He’s not going to be able to slice things. Even holding a spoon to stir a bubbling pot of soup becomes difficult. 

Caregivers will work with your dad to create a weekly meal plan. If he needs items, his caregiver can help him shop. Each day, his caregiver is there to cook meals for him and get the snacks and beverages he needs.

Personal Care Services

Personal care is a struggle after a stroke. Your dad may need help with toileting, showering, and getting dressed. His fine motor skills and dexterity aren’t the same, so he can’t properly brush and floss his teeth.

He lacks the balance needed to bend over and trim his toenails. He can’t hold a razor and shave his face. Caregivers can do all of this for him.


Your dad’s laundry room is in the basement, and that’s an area he can no longer reach when he needs a walker, cane, or wheelchair. You might be able to move a basement laundry room upstairs, but renovations are messy and loud. It can disrupt your dad’s healing process.

Hire caregivers to do your dad’s laundry each week. They can gather his clothing, towels, and sheets, wash and dry them, and put things away.


Your dad can’t support his weight long enough to clean his home. If he requires a walker or wheelchair, he may never be able to do things like vacuum his carpets, change his sheets, or wipe down the bathtub. 

Caregivers can do light housekeeping chores for your dad. His caregivers can dust, wash dishes, vacuum, sweep floors, sanitize counters, and make his bed or change the sheets. 


It’s going to be months or even years before your dad can drive again. You also need to consider that it may never be possible for him to operate a vehicle. He’s going to need others to drive him to his appointments, take him to stores and area businesses, and drive him to social events. Caregivers can do that.

Post-stroke recovery is a challenging time for your family. Your dad needs to be supported, so make sure he has home care aides helping him out. Call a home care agency to discuss his doctor’s recommendations and ensure he’s not alone all day and night.

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