Which Small Kitchen Appliances Are Actually Useful to a Senior?

Senior Care Coral Gables, FL: Kitchen Appliances and Seniors

Arthritis keeps your mom from spending as much time in the kitchen as she used to. Your dad has never liked cooking and doesn’t like to take a lot of time getting meals together. It could be the weight of a pot is too much for your mom or dad to handle consider the stove is yards from the sink.

If you worry about your parents leaning more towards takeout and frozen dinners, you could inspire them to create healthy meals at home. All it takes are a few small kitchen appliances that are worth the money.

Food Processor is Helpful When Arthritis Flares Up

When chopping and mincing produce becomes hard for your parents, a food processor will help. After washing the fruit or vegetable, they put it in the chute to slice or grate it.

If they want to chop items into a fine mince, there’s a different blade for that. A food processor can also grate cheese, turn day-old bread into breadcrumbs, and blend sauces like mayonnaise.

Induction Burners Prevent Burns

A newer form of burner doesn’t get hot. The pan that sits on it will get hot as the food cooks, but the burner itself poses no risk of burns. With a portable burner, you can set the device closer to the sink to avoid having to lift a heavy pot and carry it across the room to the sink.

Induction burners work by using electromagnetic energy to heat the food within a magnetic pan. The burners use less energy and have timers to prevent your parents from forgetting to turn off the burner when they’re done.

Safe Kettle and Tipper Help Seniors Avoid Lifting a Hot Pot of Water

If your mom or dad make tea and other hot beverages a lot, a safe kettle is a must. This electric kettle doesn’t need to be lifted. Turn it on so that it boils the water. Lift the handle to unlock the kettle, tip it forward, and it pours the hot water without you lifting it. When you’re done, tip it back into the stand and it locks in place.

A Slow Cooker Does Most of the Work

Finally, a slow cooker is very helpful to seniors who want to cook meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Once meats and vegetables are chopped and/or placed in the slow cooker, liquids, herbs, and seasonings are added.

The slow cooker is turned on to low or high. Some have timers you can set so that they automatically shut off. Food cooks slowly throughout the day. It’s one-pot cooking that doesn’t require more than a quick stir every couple of hours.

You may want to start looking into senior care services. If your parents are struggling with routine chores at home, it’s time to bring in the help of a caregiver. Call a senior care agency to talk about services and prices.

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