Why Is 24-Hour Home Care the Best Partner for Alzheimer’s Disease?

24-Hour Home Care Miami Beach, FL: Alzheimer's Disease
24-Hour Home Care Miami Beach, FL: Alzheimer’s Disease

As much as you’d like to be the sole caregiver for your mom, Alzheimer’s disease can make that difficult. As brain function diminishes, it’s not uncommon to experience rage and anger management issues. It’s already hard to watch a parent going through this disease, but the anger and rage can impact your well-being.

When your mom progresses to a point where she is experiencing sundowning and lashing out at her caregivers, you need a strong support team. You’ll quickly learn that 24-hour home care is your best partner as a family caregiver.

You Need Sleep

Experts agree that seven or eight hours of sleep each night is essential to your mental and physical health. You’ve probably experienced how hard it is to get that much sleep. Your mom is only sleeping a few hours a night. She wakes you up when she tries to get outside to go for walks or starts demanding to “go home.”

You have to be alert and ready to redirect her, so by the time you have her settled and back in bed, your body is awake and ready to start the day. Prevent the exhaustion you experience by arranging 24-hour home care services. Let caregivers redirect her at night while you sleep.

You Need Time to Do Things You Enjoy

You have the chance to go on an island getaway with friends. You can’t leave your mom alone, so you’re going to say no, even though you really want to go. 

Instead of canceling a trip that you know will help you recharge, hire 24-hour home care aides. They can spend the days and nights with your mom while you’re away. You’ll have the chance to relax and unwind, knowing that your mom is in great hands in your absence.

Around-the-Clock Care Helps With Other Aspects of Your Daily Life

Hiring around-the-clock caregivers doesn’t have to involve going on vacation either. You may want to take a few days off. You might pick up a stomach bug or flu and want to stay away to protect your mom. Hire 24-hour home care assistance to ensure she’s cared for while you recover.

You have a big project at work and need to put your full attention on an upcoming presentation. Take a week to focus on your job and let caregivers help your mom throughout the day and night. Those are all ways you can have a team of caregivers helping out with around-the-clock care services.

It could be a child’s upcoming graduation that requires your full attention. You have a party to plan, catering to arrange, and the ceremony that you don’t want to miss. Take a week or two to focus fully on your teen’s milestone.

Don’t put off arranging 24-hour home care until you’re burned out. Arrange services earlier in the disease to allow yourself and your mom time to adjust to having a professional caregiver’s help. Get started by making a call.

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