Why Is Independence So Important for Your Senior?

24-Hour Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Independence
24-Hour Home Care Aventura, FL: Seniors and Independence

Your senior may be thinking more about her independence now than she ever has before. That’s common for aging adults, particularly as life changes start to speed up and become more of a challenge. Here are some of the reasons that may be happening and some ideas for helping your senior to cope. 

Independence Often Ties in with Life Purpose 

For so many people, aging adults included, independence ties in with their life purpose. Your senior may not realize this until she starts to feel as if she’s in danger of losing her independence. Having elder care providers helping her to perform tasks that she’s handled for years can feel like someone is taking away that independence and also her purpose in life. 

It Also Ties in with Choices and Control 

Something else to consider is how independence can tie in with control and with choices. Your senior may feel that even if 24-hour home care providers are helping her, they’re also taking away some of her choice. That can be part of why it’s so very important to make sure that your senior has as many choices as she can. This can help her to feel as if she does still have control over her life and her options. 

Helping Your Senior to Maintain Her Strength Is Helpful 

One of the best ways to help your senior to maintain her independence is to help her to maintain her physical strength. Home care providers can be there for her to offer support, but when independence is a crucial part of your senior’s identity, knowing that she’s strong enough to do what she wants to do is important. Always talk with her doctor before she starts any exercise program. 

Finding Solutions that Offer Help without Taking Over Is Important 

When your elderly family member is feeling as if her independence is being threatened, but she still needs help, there can be other ways. 24-hour home care providers can help your aging family member to learn how to accept the assistance that she needs without feeling as if she’s giving anything up. This can all be key to helping your senior to adjust to her new normal. 

As your elderly family member goes through even more changes, she can find that each stage offers its own challenges. Getting through those gracefully is a lot easier with help from you and from caregivers that your senior trusts. 

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