Elder Care South Miami, FL: Working from Home and Caregiving
Elder Care South Miami, FL: Working from Home and Caregiving

You’re juggling a lot right now. You help your dad with the things he cannot do independently. You have kids at home, and they’re learning at home until schools reopen. You also hold a job, and you’ve been told to work from home until further notice. How are you supposed to make this work? 
Create Strict Daily Schedules 
Your kids will need to learn there are limits. You can’t drop everything to help them. Your dad needs to recognize the same thing. You need to prioritize your work responsibilities to ensure you still have money coming in. Try to follow the same schedule you use on a typical workday. 
When you’re supposed to have lunch or take breaks at work, make sure you have those breaks. Get your kids to help prepare lunches for your dad. When they need a break from their online assignments or packets, give them things to do that help you. They could walk the dog or start the dishwasher. 
Make sure you give your dad things to do. If he likes folding clothes, let him. If he likes to dust, let him do that. It keeps him happy and makes your life easier. 
Explain the Situation to Your Bosses 
Working from home is new to many. If your office never worked from home before, it’s going to require some adjustment by you, your co-workers, and your bosses. Explain your personal situation to your bosses. 
Let them know that you have an elderly father at home who may interrupt you. You might find they’re incredibly understanding and tell you not to worry about it while everyone adjusts to the new situation. As days pass, it will get easier. Your dad and children will get into a rhythm that makes it easier for you to get your work done. 
You May Need to Hand Over Some of Your Duties 
Get ready to be flexible. You may find it’s not possible to balance helping your children, aiding your dad, and also balancing work. This isn’t a sign of failure. Everyone is having a hard time adjusting to new schedules and habits. Elder care aides can help. 
Hire elder care aides to help your dad while you’re taking care of your work responsibilities. This frees up a little time to also help your kids with school lessons. With elder care services, you’re not going to be as stressed and your dad isn’t frustrated when you can’t help.

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